IBMC Challengers – May 2016

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This is a summary post of challengers who have completed or on-going with the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for the month of May 2016. The challenge was instantiated in the early second week of April 2016.


Last month the challenge was completed by one and there were few other ongoing. The first one to complete the challenge is Abrar Farhan Zaman who runs the blog INKuisitive Mind. Do look out for his interesting posts. He is a vivid writer and all his prompts on the challenges are must read! Here is a link to the first one: The Perfect Match.

The Second blogger to complete the challenge is from On a Blue Leaf. You can read the first post here:Tick Tock Tick TockHer writings will put you a smile. You must check the posts! They are beautifully awesome!

The Blogger from The Rain and Sunshine Blog is the third one to complete this challenge! You should read her letters(posts) from the blog. They bring smiles and stir your thoughts. The first challenge is submitted with two prompts and you can read them here: Tick Tock Tick Tock and Shoulder of Support.

The Fourth blogger to complete the challenge is from When I Thought I Was Fat. She is a vivid writer and blogs her heart out! You will enjoy reading her honest thoughts from her blog. You can read her first post for the challenge here: When I Hear Your Name.

The Self-Actualized Life hosted by Anna Levenson is the Fifth blogger to complete this challenge. Her writing style is unique and honest. You can read her first post here: I am whatever I say I Am. The title of this post gives a lot of hints about the posts in the blog. They will sure pull you back to read more and more!

Blogger from Khan’s Lantern has completed Eight challenges. There are stories weaved with creative knits! You can read the first post here: The Cool and The Fool. You will enjoy reading them!

Mitali, Blogger from Peppy Notes has completed eight challenges so far. She has this crazy way of writing things that you will become her fan! Do check her first challenge post here:  When I See You.

Lora from Inspired Lives has completed Seven Challenges so far. She has put down inspiring posts just like her blog title says. You can check her first post here: When I See You , enjoy the read and follow on.

Thank you to all who have taken/been taking the challenge and to all who have liked them. Feel free to take up the challenge if it excites you!:-)


Love in Fibonacci

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The Fibonacci Sequence (Also known as Pingala Series) is the series of numbers:
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, …

The next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. The sequence starts with 0 and 1. Adding (0 + 1) is 1. So the third number in the series in 1 and so on.


Below is a poem which has the Syllables per line in Fibonacci Series. Off course the poem is not infinite. Considering the empty line as 0, Syllables per line are: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13.




and love.

your wishes,

my invocations,

is always our togetherness,

the adhesive which envelops our foreverness!

Just Like The Rope

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Three Line Tales (TLT) is a challenge put forth by Only 100 Words. The Challenge is to write a three line tale for the supplied image.

Here is my take for the Week Seventeen of the challenge:


They were holding a lot of it; a lot of pains and sufferings.

It was almost impossible for them to convince their families for their marriage.

He assured her and said, “Look, we are like that rope! There is wear and tear from outside. But our bonding is unbreakable. We hold each other still and strong. We shall get married with our family blessings!”

Life and Technology

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This post is written for the Indispire Edition Number 118. Here is the supplied prompt:


Three significant and immensely necessary skillful values you want to impart to your kids or the next generation to sustain in this world. #Values

Here are the three Skillful values for the kids of upcoming generation:

  • Technology is not life
  • Technology! Is not life
  • Technology, is not life

Technology is not life
You will see many gadgets along you grow. They will be in need along the ride. They are the support system of life. But they are not life. The aim of life is to use technology only to increase the comfort level.

Technology! Is not life
There is life outside. Talk to people. As much as possible do works by interacting to people. Make friends. Learn the values. Help the needy. Get the works done online only while in critical need. For technology will not teach the life lessons. There are beautiful people out there!

Technology, is not life
Technology comes with a comma not a period. Use it to bridge the gap. It must act as connector between two. Use technology to travel. Use it to explore. Use it to learn. Use it to invent. Learn, write and share!

Love Miracle


You gave me a Hope,
To live and to fight,
To trust in miracles,
To smile with no reason,
And above all, to stay happy!

I will slap you hard,
Only to ask,
Where were you until now?
To hold you tight,
And to feel the warmth!

You added those missing colors,
That aura to feel happy about!
You added meaning to my life thereafter,
That taste to get addicted with,
You are now my happily ever after!


Indian Bloggers

Three Line Tales (TLT) is a challenge put forth by Only 100 Words. The Challenge is to write a three line tale for the supplied image.

Here is my take for the Week Sixteen of the challenge:


The box had letters to everyone holding what future would bring.

There was no way found to open the box, neither breakable, only there were historical stories heard leaving behind curiosities and questions.

For no one knew that god had kept one letter in the box which said “As you make it!”


The Ring

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This short story is written for the Indispire Edition Number 117. Here is the supplied prompt:


Just when everything started looking fine, the phone rings.. [Build a story]

The link and stories submitted by others can be checked out HERE. 

It was her engagement and a gathering of associated family and close friends. There was a delicious black current cake as a witness of celebration. She had got some awesome presents and day was going just fine. Just when everything started looking fine, the phone rings. It was awkward because she had stopped using that SIM from a long time as it had some unwanted associated memories. Moreover the call was from an unknown number.

She was hesitant enough to pick the call. ‘Why did I not destroy this long ago?’ was the torturing question in her mind. It was her old dedicated SIM to whom she had assumed was love of her life. She did not wanted it to be him, the long past love, for whom she had spent months to overcome the sadness. He had longed for a break up in spite of all her begging’s and he never told a reason for the case. The ring from unknown number had freaked her out as she had finally moved on and engaged to another seeking true love.

Her hand had an engagement ‘ring’ which was joyous and cell phone which was giving out a ‘ring’ which made her miserable.  This guy, with whom she was engaged, who already knew her past clearly noticed her anxiety, came running to her and exclaimed,

‘Oh! It’s me who has called you to your old number from my new number! I want to change your every sadness to happy ones and I want to start with this. Until we get married we shall interact using this contact and make better memories. Let’s replace old ones with new fresh and blissful ones.’

She silently had a few tears.

Swara gets the Park

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This story is written for Sunday Photo Fiction: 08 May 2016. The task is to write a short story of 200 words or less for the supplied photograph.


It was a park for all. It was a recreational place for everyone around. The best part of the park was every block around and nearby was allotted some space in the park where people could maintain it in the way they need. Swara had built a little play home there where she and her friends used to spend a gala time in the evenings. The park stood for unity.

Lately, a major industrialist had claimed the place to set up one of his industry and the park was to be demolished. The discussion led to fights and slowly most of the people around had given up the fight. In few months with increasing protests and no maintenance, the park stood as a waste land. Swara’s play home had broken pieces left. With time, the land remained in controversy and untouched.

Past many years, Swara had won the constituency elections and she had some decisions to make!

You can read the stories written by others here, by clicking on the blue fellow:

Lemon’s Story

Three Line Tales, is an exciting challenge put forth by Only 100 Words. The Challenge is to write a three line tale for the supplied image.  Here is my take for the fifteenth edition of the challenge.


Some lemons will go into dishwasher, some into toothpaste, some into chemicals, some into medicines and some into lemonade.

Every lemon has a story.

So do we!