3. The Compliments

“Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses.” –Joyce

Compliments, what are they? I know there is a bunch of literature on what is a compliment and everyone understands it. While looking at the bigger picture of everything, sometimes we forget to see the smaller picture in it. A compliment is not only an award, medal, salary hike or any other tangible entity but it is also composed of many intangible things.

The Bigger Picture
There are so many people who are touching our lives is variety of ways every single moment. The appreciation on listening to our favorite music, the deep sink while listening to our favorite song, the immense lyrics which takes us to our dream world, the novel that has created a mini dream land, one movie that touches our heart, one thrilling sports played on field and there are so many unheard compliments to so many around the world. The take could be once when it gets bigger; it’s known that compliment is always there. There is always a constant support.

The Meaningful Picture
We can always work on our smaller ones. Someone’s instant ‘smile’ can keep another smiling for a week. One’s ‘hello’ can make another’s day good. A simple appreciation of ‘good’ can keep the work motivated. A good conversation can make any inactive work active. It’s all about bringing the zeal in day today’s activities. It’s not about waiting for someone to do all these to us. It’s about us starting to do it to others. It’s a pingback! Give away the direct compliments where ever possible.

Compliment takes many forms. You can always learn them from surrounding. I learnt writing something on birthday is the best gift one can ever give. For I can see that, it’s dedication taking the role of compliment. I wanted to keep this meaningful and give the best possible logical end to this piece of writing. I dedicate this as a compliment to one of my favorite student Sahitya, on her birthday, fifth of February. Thank you for being my inspiration in many possible unseen and unheard ways.

” It’s good to receive compliments, and it’s even better to give them. ”  ― Jason Harvey



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9 thoughts on “3. The Compliments

  1. I’m speechless 🙏 Thank you so much sir , there could be be no better birthday present 📦 The article has left me in an incredible awe 😇 blessed me 🙂

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