The Martian – Review

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I had seen the movie in theater which was released in 2015. This Feb of 2017, when I read the novel, it was double the pleasure. Andy Weir who aspired to be an astronaut in his childhood, instead writes this novel and it is no less than a space travel.

The technical details are a celebration. Andy Weir has done a lot of research to present the details of the plot. Nothing is waived off from explanation while at need. After like twenty pages, the novel takes the reader to mars, stuck with Watney, figuring out ways to contact and reach back to Earth.

A brilliant sci-fi novel, I must say. There is right pinch of Humor. The plot is neat. The presentation sequence is perfect. There is elucidation of right things at right time. It ends perfectly with no drag. Everything is TO the point.

I started 2017 with ‘novel a month’. January I finished the classic – The Great Gatsby. February was a sci-fi. My hands are now waiting to grab something for March!

40 thoughts on “The Martian – Review

  1. I never knew this was a book. But I loved the movie. And even if I hadn’t, I guess your review is a good nudge in the ribs to go watch it this next minute. 🙂
    I love the Great Gatsby, both the book and the movie.

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  2. HUm! And open door for my ‘push’ as AWAI put it. How’s about grabbing, ?

    Hope the link works. You will find all flavors in one book–I do believe. Besides, you’ll be delighted to be the first to get really acquainted with a member of the highest royalty–the Royalty of the Almighty as per the meaning of my name. hahaha! Just testing. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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