Reboot, Restart and Resume. Its 2017.

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Let me assure that it’s not a regular ‘new year new me crap’! Its 2017, so it’s advanced ‘new year new me shit!’ It already made my day when my partying not so sober friend wished me “Happy Nude Rear ” and all I could do was to laugh, convey thanks and wish him the same.

I like this day as it puts everyone together. Those who want to welcome it with party, with a cake cut, with family, with books, with sleep or whatever to rest the case. Most importantly, it is like that much needed energy drink which can boost the energy levels. Apart from those regular wishes and forwards, most of us try to bring out a new version of our self atleast for the first few days, which is definitely substantial.

Reboot, Restart, Resume. Its 2017!

I know the thoughts are old and though it is yet another regular day, a new year kind of refreshes it. It’s like crossing a larger milestone and evaluating on what really needs a flush (reboot), what needs to be given a fresh start (restart) and what needs to be continued (resume). It’s the happy hope of leaving behind one year, only to welcome a much better one ahead. It’s about taking time and syncing our mentality to something new and fresh.

I am not a person who generally believes in resolutions. But this year I want to have them. They are not resolutions per say, rather more like aspirations. And I believe that making an announcement always helps in sticking to it.

I am going to follow this unless there is an extreme condition that flags okay to miss and most importantly, all this along with personal commitments!

  • At least 10 blog posts per month on this blog
  • Exactly 10 blog posts per month on my technical blog: PH Bytes
  • Read atleast 10 research papers per month
  • Complete reading atleast one novel per month (started with The Great Gatsby for this month)
  • Write and publish one ebook per month (technical or non technical. Many to join this list: EBOOKS)
  • Complete the text book I am writing on data structures (It is 200+ pages for now)
  • Finish 10 more courses on coursera (I have 28 completed so far)
  • Make a significant progress in research (Its 30% completed now)
  • Try to work on technology to bring the actual social life in society order
  • Be open to do something new and interesting

Yes, we are getting older and that only means that it’s high time to dream and realize all that makes this living meaningful.

Let us tune into the beats of 2017. It’s new! Greetings!


110 thoughts on “Reboot, Restart and Resume. Its 2017.

  1. PH, my dear, you are an ambitious fellow indeed!!–I’m exhausted, reading your list. But that doesn’t stop me from clapping my hands in joyous support of you, and sending my heart’s best wishes and prayers your way. May I remark on the one thing which stood out for me, in this post?–and don’t feel obliged to adopt even an inkling of my particular Faith if you don’t want to, as that’s not my agenda. The phrase, “only to welcome a much better one (year) ahead”, made me think of a recent message I heard from a Singapore pastor of renown, Joseph Prince. He said, “God never replaces the BEST with something Better–He always replaces the Better with the BEST”. I’m believing that 2017 will contain much that is His BEST! God bless you 🙂 Stella

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  2. We love th e fresh start theme. This could be your year to shine. Would love your feedback on our new short story called Lardy Arms, your opinion means a great deal to our blogging community at Gastradamus

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  3. Reeboot, restart and resume it’s indeed a good start to 2017. Your list is interesting to read. Wow, you need to do a lot of work and that’s great. Reading the research is 30% complete made me think PhD is really a research degree 🙂
    All the best!!

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  4. Thank God for this post…..I was sick of reading the clichéd stereotypical posts about New Year……
    And loved your list……All the best!!👍👍👍

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  5. Your list is daunting! I would have trouble keeping up with one – and here you have an army to tackle…. Good luck 😀 A clear way to start 2017. Also, share how you are able to juggle so many different tasks at the same time.

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  6. One of the most unique and honest NY posts. Reg your resolution list, i have a question… You from earth or some other planet? A list like that can be either a complete absurdity or complete nerdity. The number of items puts you in the latter and trust me, I envy you.. If i can do even 1 item in the list, I’d consider myself a super duper human!

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    • So Happy to hear that. Thank you so much.. 🙂

      He he.. I have been kind of used to hectic schedules. So far things have been in line and on track.. 🙂
      Writing for NaNoWriMo last November has benefited a lot as well.

      You can try pushing a little everyday. Sure helps. 🙂

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  7. ooo, Books! i read yours despite probably not listing it as read on goodreds. I hope you have one so you can share and or gain at YOUR leisure ideas on what people llike or why or however you get excited about books 😀 I have me a couple of courses in progress, coffee! which tells of all one ever needed to know about the professional beginnings of a coffee connoseir. special skills academy offered this via it’s Groupon for like 30 bucks, it’s like “Free University” in that the cost isn’t free persay, but a minor fee versus that of a “real” class. but just as this is the steps to an origami ninja star in paper which is an old hallmark of what i’d leave after visiting my sister’s then job, it’s a lot of steps to make latte art. it takes just a bit of returning to the scene of the crime so to speak to get the correct view 😉 thanks for visiting e on the poem and your add. of course my book list seems unfair to me as I read a lot more than that in 20 years lol but I had only ONE library that held a list that long to work with and fairly listed only things i could say I finished not just ‘read” and could actually remember. 😉 don’t go ape, it’s not a big memory. 😉 these listings, just hopefully not an an embarrassment to be asked about them 🙂

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    • That is quite a list. I have sent you a friend request on goodreads. I am looking out for some good ones to read. You can recommend one or two, the top ones from the list you have read. I write short ones and they are all free downloads. 🙂

      I do take free courses only. 🙂 Nice to hear from you about the courses you are doing. That must be interesting.

      I know origami is not that easy. That picture you have attached is beautiful.

      That very much happens and can understand for 20 years time. I have been reading since I was kid and Have added the ones I remember and still have in my collection. So, i can understand that part!

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I am in-fact was very happy to read to reply to your comment.. 🙂

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      • based on your only stated offering you’re reading the great gatsby, and hold while i read your listings….and your listed reads… I see we share robin cook but not the same books- you’ve read brain i have NOT. I see you have read and published your own my compliments! I have not published. I don’t any longer understand why. thank you for being inspirational as in it’s possible – I would like to know more of how you feel your offering are doing and how you viewed your social impact at and during the the initial offering points of your book and that versus now… i.e. I’m not nearly as social- i build on that to make it less a vanity to publish. it’s work, dreams. 😉 but your long and short of books are: this is NOT a thriller like Ron Cook’s Brain but is is highly facinating how our mind does work – if you have access to high speed internet thus video streaming, … I’m kinda hoping understanding more of how we work makes the return to thriller novels more fun 😀 however, if you like robin cook, i really liked “Mutaition” by him Next, based on your reading of both the great gatsby and to kill a mockingbird both great for describin place and times – I offer you akira yoshimura’s “Shipwrecks” with it’s non present day japan’s Coastal Community of a fictional past. there is a story in here of survival and coming to see the truth and it’s…gonna surprise all but the jaded at its end not how it works out, oh no that’s known a few pages to all but the dullest of us, but how we respond to this. next, you strike me not that you sell per say, I don’t for a living either, but that you like no nonsense life improvement wisdom and thus we all sell at one time or another and this book is instructive in ways many just can not match.. based upon your ratings of jrr tolkien and harry potter too, I offer you an older offering, The Wishsong of Shannara, Terry Brooks which is his 3rd in the original shannara series and he’s many series now. I read this book a long way back and to me it’s fun better than some with a map and meaning but as worlds go and characters it’s just plain engaging. well worth reading on it’s own out of sequence to the series first. and lastly for the handful, i offer you stranger in a strange land, robert a heinlein – a story of a martian vistor who almsot is a cult of personality… because such seems to interest you not religion persay but how to offer concrete career power to yourself and others but within these the fantasy of what to encourage and or avoid 😀 this is because stranger differs from the celestine prophecy’s world around us energy stuff to be a personal and philosphics which are also’s amusing if you can see an author as a former navy sailor and all the jokes of sea people and their morals put into an alien from mars coming to save us with the new way? heheheh. I hope i interest you with mine, I hope you also might share of your books which you think i may enjoy 🙂

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          • {image_path:(“https:”==document.location.protocol?””:”…. 2 pages deep in code I don’t know what you meant to send with the link but it crashed. as i’m modestly curious and utilize a decent internet secure machine i visited the base site so i know it’s something with surveys or hopefully your line of work? neat if so. as to when you get a chance, I look forward to it. 🙂 laugh though as you will, i saw a .js”” in all that code and suddenly was just like proud as if the initials were MY domain 😉 I am not al gore who is responsible..bull. for the internet, I just own my own dot land 😀 hee hee. I don’t it’s for javascript but 😛

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            • Its a wordpress bug and has been there for a while. Tried all but could not remove that. It just comes up before every comment.

              Kindly Ignore. I do that too.. 😀


            • I can easily but i hope you at least reported this to their general contact me so some person doesn’t lose money advertising or something from us, I’m very cheap and like my free wordpress 😀 I care 😉 deeply just not in the pockets :D.

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  8. Phew! REBOOT Prakash! Quickly before your equipment breaks under such stress! hahaha! The truth? Relax. Take spin in my journey. Once relaxed? You’ll be able to absorb the power of love from on high. It never fails. It always avails! You’ll be able to climb the highest peak. Ten fold the amount of your highest aspirations. Glad we met. Keep in touch! thiaBasilia. 🙂

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  9. Glad u like my fun comment. I couldn’t resist. Been posting like crazy. Aspirations? Hum! I call them ‘hopes’ ’cause. Hope is the evidence of things not yet seen. But that is now that I know better. Before? O mine!
    Once I made me a ‘Pray without ceasing schedule’ as per Paul’s instructions in the New Testament. I was aspiring to pray every 15 minutes. I set the timer but! Nil! Nothing!
    So, I figured I would pray for one hour when I woke up. Just like Yahushua said to do in the Garden. That was working pretty good, I thought until one morning, I got up from my knees quite satisfied I had gotten through the highest.
    Suddenly, I heard that voice in my head, “Why do you have to change the tone of your voice and do all those things that you do to pray?” I replied, “And how do You want me to pray?”
    “Just talk to Me. Talk to Me as if I was right here with you because I am.” Ah! Why didn’t I think of that? Duh!
    That was the last time I did such ridiculous pantomimes in the privacy of my own bedroom.
    Now? I continue talking to Father. He continues to talk to Me. Walking in His Presence by the power of His love from on high. Never had to struggle or write down such an aspiration. I didn’t come to mind. It just happened! Hahaha! HalleluYah! Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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    • My pleasure. Thank you so much for sharing that incident. 🙂 I had smiles all through the read. And yes, I guess, I could call aspirations as ‘hope!’ 🙂

      Thank you so much, again.. 🙂 gratitude!


      • Ah! been sleeping ! So nice to wake up to your grateful comment. We sure are laughable. Aren’t we? But, Thank goodness, the Loving Father/Creator ? He patiently waits. He knows just the right moment we are able to hear His voice in our heads.
        Then? Behold! The power of His love from on high drenches our beings. Chusam! Boo-ya! His task of transformation & restoration effectively takes place. That’s what we are all about–His chosen & beloved children coming home where we belong on this 2017 that has already begun with our high aspirations. Did you read my post about the site? My aspirations. Talking about impossible, but! With our Loving Father/Creator all things are possible.
        We are all like prodigal children. We have left home to spend our spiritual fortunes out there in this materialistic world.
        We are now coming to our senses by the power of love from on high. It never fails. It always avail! Much love for you my young friend, thiaBasilia.

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