Three: Day 01 @ Office

Aakash was wide awake already and looked at his cell phone. There was still 20 minutes for alarm to sing his favorite song “lungi dance”. This is a rare event. Generally waking up 20 minutes post alarm is a trend. Well in advance, very few in life time you see! Aakash got up with excitement, brushed his teeth, twice, quick bath and spent a little more time in front of mirror than usual.   First day at office and someone wanted to look really good. He had all the colors bursting and flying in his heart. Just like the colors painted to the PG he had opted to stay.


In pune style “Mann me laddu phootna”. Yes, exactly. There was a light drizzle as he walked out of his PG and got into bus. Wait, something happened before he got into bus. He got a short glimpse of someone who quickly passed over him. Green long dress and mixed with white. A little less tall than him and gave him a quick chill. He was running late. “Better luck next time aakash”, he said it to himself and jumped into the bus. He could not get her sight from the window. He believed it was that’s it all for the day and started reading his whatsapp messages.

There were a couple of all the best wishes from his close friends. There was a message from anwesha too. Though he was near last one to be placed, he was the near first one to get the joining date. He pushed over “thank you” messages and a status update on facebook.

It started at 9.00 am and never realized how it got to be 6.00 pm. The search’s, greets to new people, investigating about food court, introductions and a couple of hundred signatures. That’s it! The team manager gave a quick introduction and announced that the training started the day next. Well, 2 Tea’s and one lunch and way back home.

Boarded shared auto to get back home and aakash got a call from his mother asking all updates. That’s how pretty much the day ended. Well he got down from the auto and got lucky! The girl in green dress, she was there. Waiting for someone. Aakash looked at her with great curiosity though he was greatly exhausted and… and…“Nayy, not my type”, he exclaimed and walked towards PG.

He had his dinner and crept into the bed. He had a little cry of missing his home and home bed. You know that happens at first!




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