Thirty Nine: The Unusual Conversation

That day afternoon post lunch Sumit went to his room to rest for a while. As he reached his room, Purvi and Poorna were already inside. As he entered the room, Purvi said in loud voice, “Poorna, ask him sorry. That’s not how you treat my friends!”

Poorna had told everything about what she had done to Sumit. Sisters generally share everything. The incidents were also among the shared stories. Purvi looked at Sumit and said, “Am sorry that am fixing this late. She only told me this morning.”

Sumit was like, “That’s okay, That’s okay. She is still small. I understand.”

Purvi replied, “Small? Is she small? She is four years younger to us. That’s not small. That’s more like a grownup donkey, with little brains. Whatever!”

Sumit started laughing. He said, “Let’s not make this an issue.  It’s not something I want to be worried of. We are all excited about many other things here.”

Purvi pushed Poorna to ask sorry. Poorna slowly lifted her head and said, “amm….. meee…. I ammmm….. really…… am…..”

Purvi shouted, “Say it! You are doing it like a struggling fly in the food

Poorna said “I am sorry Sumit” and smiled at him.

Sumit replied, “Accepted and agreed”

Purvi was in hurry. She said, “You two talk a while” and left the room.

Just as Purvi left, Poorna started non-stop. “What do you think Sumit? I told everything to my sister because I knew she would bring me here. Oh dude! You are such a show off!”

Sumit was a lot puzzled! He said “Whattt?? Nonsense!”

Poorna went “You do all things to seek attention. You are really such a show off. Am not at all sorry for what I did to you. In fact I feel sorry for your friends that I don’t know how they tolerate you. You are a total jerk. ”

Sumit responded calmly, “God! These girls! Poorna, when will you get your brains? Will you ever stop bugging up my life? Just don’t look at me or talk to me!”

Poorna answered “Never! I will treat you the same till the day we depart from here. I won’t leave you that easily. I will haunt you!”

Sumit went crazy. He started throwing the pillows at her. Poorna rushed towards the door, grabbed the pillow Sumit was throwing at her and threw back at him. She had a perfect aim. It hit him right at head. After a small fight Poorna before leaving the room screamed, “I will haunt you Mister!

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2 thoughts on “Thirty Nine: The Unusual Conversation

  1. I am so confused by Poorna’s treatment to Sumit!
    I do not see him as a show-off at all…
    What a great story Prakash. I must stop now…
    I will be back in a few days to read more….until then….

    Liked by 1 person

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