Forty Two: The Dark Past

Sumit could not believe his ears. He said “I am sorry Poorna” and ran out of the room.  He rushed to Aakash and said “I am having a little headache, you carry with dance practice. I will rest a while” and started walking towards his room. In a moment, Sumit was on his bed with hands on his head. Poorna in her room was still crying. The emotions had caught her up like a dangling web.

You know sometimes the world around you looks meaningless and senseless and empty and insignificant and immaterial and of no consequence! That’s how exactly Sumit was feeling about himself. He was feeling down and ashamed of himself. Never in his life had he imagined that such a day would come and stand before him and he had no answers to back himself up.  The only things he had to do were ask sorry and be ready to take any kind of castigation. It was the matter of trust and promises.  When the trust is broken, even after earning back, it will never be the same.

He had realized why the face looked familiar to him when had seen Poorna for the first time. Not because that she was Purvi’s sister. But also he had met her before. It was like around five years ago during his irresistible teen-age. Had he even not thought in his wildest dreams he would meet this girl again.

Poorna, made her mind up and came to Aakash and Anwesha. They both were trying to put some dance steps along with other friends of Purvi. They all had mixed up as one team.  Poorna joined them. Flowing from her genes she was good at dancing as well. Poorna took the lead and choreographed the dance number. She picked up all the rock numbers and made it spicy enough to dance. This dance practice got Poorna closer to Anwesha.

It was evening and the performances began. Team by team, groups came up one by one and danced the heart out. Every family member was dancing along and it was fun all around. Everyone enjoyed the evening and there was one huge family dance in the evening. Followed by were delicious dinner and the day out. Poorna was joyous and was smiles to her best. She enjoyed every moment to make the day for her sister.

Sumit was not seen around for the whole evening. Anwesha and Poorna were sitting on the bench outside. Aakash called Sumit to query about and Sumit just answered he needed rest and will see them all the next day morning. Aakash wished Anwesha “good night” and headed back to the room.

Anwesha and Poorna were sitting quite for a while. Anwesha asked, “So, tell me. What is the story?”. Poorna asked, “What story?”. Anwesha replied, “Do you think I can’t see what’s happening around? That too with my best friend? Tell me Poorna. You will feel better. ” Poorna said, “Okay. Here it is!”


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8 thoughts on “Forty Two: The Dark Past

  1. Unexpected sir. I thought Amit was her ex boyfriend’s name or something like that 😀 never thought it would be this! Waiting for what she got to say..

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