4. Ageing Well

age well

I have always liked the story of Carl and Elle. Carl and Elle are always there for one another. Every day of their life is an excitement to live and do something new.

Ageing well is when,

  • Our physical strength is decreasing but we always have suitable job to do
  • We always take more time in doing daily chores but still we do it neat and the way it is supposed to be done
  • We may look old but we have children and grand children who in some ways are representing us
  • Peace and happiness can even be on sitting quite with loved one for hours
  • We know what to eat and how much to depending on our daily chores
  • We always have someone to share and care
  • We still be a active member in social conventions
  • We start and end a day with a prayer “Let the day be more beautiful than yesterday”

Let me end with a short poem:

Every wish may not be done,

All the events may not be fun,

Everyday has a new rising sun,

That’s the reality for everyone.


8 thoughts on “4. Ageing Well

  1. Perfectly summed up with your little poem Prakash.
    I wish I had one of my beloved husband’s to grow old with….I knew it would not be my paralyzed husband because his body was not in good shape. I had hoped Kevin & I would grow old together but he took his own life so that was the end of that idea.
    Now I am content/resigned to be on my own with Purrince Siddhartha Henry….we can grow old together 😉

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