Thirty Three: Family Games

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Sumit rushed out to see what was happening and to his goodness it was family games. There was a tug of war going on between two families. Aakash and Anwesha were already there towards Purvi’s side. Sumit rushed back to his room, took a quick bath and ran out there. When he reached two wars were already over and both families had got one point each. It was the finale. Sumit ran towards Purvi’s side and saw Poorna standing nearby. He suddenly jumped towards other side and went to Mohit and said, “I got your back bro. Lets win this!”. On whistle the tug of started.

There were huge screams of support and laughter’s of joy. The two families were doing their best to pull the other side down. It was looking like it was never going to end. Both the families were balancing each other with the full and pull strength. The loud music was making it more interesting. The judge, Mohit’s grandfather announced that one more minute of balance, we declare this as tie!

tug ofSumit sure did not wanted this to end as tie. It was like a revenge game to him. There were around twenty seconds left to declare a tie and Sumit put all his strength. Don’t know where it came from, that one moment and Mohit’s family started jumping out of joy. They had won. Mohit’s family had won. Due to the push strength and imbalance Purvi’s family were towards Mohit’s family. Mohit was hugging Purvi and he kissed her as well on her forehead. Also, Poorna was in Sumit’s arms. He pushed her aside and started dancing out of joy. Aakash and Anwesha hugged each other as well as it was more of fun to them than the matter of winning.

The ground was next up ready for the next game. There was a small stone ball kept (like the one used in shot-put) and it was decorated with woolen art, definitely not easy to guess how much it weighed. The task was to throw it to the farthest distance with three rounds.

First up were Mohit’s father and Purvi’s father. On count of three, they both used all their strength and threw it high. Oops, it was just below and beside their leg. Both. It hardly moved like 100 meters. Sumit was now sure on how much the stone ball weighed! Definitely not easy.

Next up were Mohit’s best friend Umair and Purvi’s cousin brother Rahul. On three, they both threw and Umiar had got it at 200 meters and Rahul had it barely 100 meters. It was clear win for Umair. Mohit and his family were dancing for the loud music. They all hugged umair and carried him on their shoulders. It was a dance of joy and fun.

The last set was a challenging one. Purvi asked Sumit to go. Mohit immediately complained as Sumit was at their side in tug of war, he now has to participate from the same side. Not at Purvi’s side. Sumit was more than happy to agree to this.

There was Aakash and Sumit against each other. Sumit clearly knew he would win. So did Aakash. He clearly knew Sumit would win. He could not beat the gym guy. And guess, what happened? Exactly the same. Sumit had it around 200 meters and Aakash had at 100 meters. More over Sumit had confidence that even had he lost with little difference, the team would have still won.

Poorna was Fuming. There was second reason for Mohit’s family to rejoice. It was the second win. They all hugged each other. The sports were taken sportively. Families needed the reasons to rejoice. It was around 11.00am and the plan next was to visit the temple.

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