Thirteen: Knowing Anwesha

Next day post work, both were sitting in room and “Explain me! Empty all the questions I have” said Sumit. Aakash had those special effects on his face when he started talking about Anwesha. He was looking like an ice cream topped with chocolate and cherry. He started speaking out like a non-stop train.

Anwesha was a diploma student and she had joined the batch from 3rd semester. They were a month late and most of them even never used to speak. Amongst the herd, I noticed this beauty. You know the definition of “beauty” is subjective. I will explain you how her goodness made her look beautiful to me. They had horrible scores in the first exams. Anwesha was crying. And I saw her crying as I was passing by. Well then I did nothing because I could not. That is when I kind of started liking her. It was attraction at cry sight”.

One day in class when professor asked does anyone want to give a seminar, the class was quite. No one even bothered. Anwesha, stood up and said, “Sir, I would want to. I will.” Everyone started laughing. I did too. Anwesha, felt a little low and kept her head down. As usual, professor scolded at us and asked Anwesha to give her best!

Seminar was a week ahead. She always used to sit in lab and work. She often used to discuss with professors. She used to be sitting alone most of the times. She always had this scary look on her face, as if she is still not accepted in class environment. She used to carry a small bag with her with few books and a Tiffin box. She always used to leave a little hair at front and most of the times used to dress in white. Gosh, I don’t know why I observed her so much! Oh snap!

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