IBMC Challengers – August 2017

This is a summary post of challengers who have completed or on-going with the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for the month of August 2017. The challenge was instantiated in the early second week of April 2016 and a part of WordPress Event which can be found HERE.


Nitesh from the blog Sketches by Nitesh is the Thirty Ninth blogger to complete the challenge. The posts have been thoughtful, engaging and heart warming read. They pinch the brain to ponder over. I am sure you will enjoy reading them too. The first one can be found here: I am so I am.

Maiya Calise from the blog VERBONAUT is blogger number Forty to complete this challenge. There have been some exciting posts and I have enjoyed reading all of them. I am sure anyone as well will! The first one can be found here: The cool and the fool.

Dharkanein from the blog My Expressions is the Forty First blogger to complete this challenge. Simple, elegant, sane and meaningful – that’s how every post is! The first one can be found here: When I See You.

Krithika from the blog Wings unlimited has completed four challenges so far. The first can be found here: I am so I am.

‘Thank you’ to all who have taken/been taking the challenge and to all who have liked them. Feel free to take up the challenge if it excites you!:-)

A list of all the completed challengers can be found HERE


The Dream of Dreams

I see a dream,
With dreams in it.
I have a dream,
To live in it.

Dreams, they just are,
Dreams, they seem far,
They define, they describe,
They classify, they label.

The goal to reach,
Some strives and preach,
Those tear apart hours,
And the deep scars.

When dreams go real,
Life and fuel,
I would be then…
Truly real, truly me.

Also Blogged as guest post on Jyotirmoy’s Blog: Race Against Time

Soil to Mud

The particles that fly with air,
Sometimes seen, sometimes unseen,
The wonderers of the earth,
The tiny little earthlings.

Settle at random places,
Making new friends,
Finding new home,
Dust, as mostly called.

A light thing me,
A free flowing me,
A me, of some me,
A happy me.

Then came a transformer,
The form changer,
Water, parts of them,
And I turn to mud!

The Story From Bones

This post is written for Three Line Tales Week 82 hosted by Sonya. The challenge is to write a three line tale for the supplied image.


photo by Samuel Zeller via Unsplash

When the looks disappear and the name wipes out, every bone that is left away, tells a story.

The story that glimpses capture, The story that perceive-r visualizes.

Told, untold, mystery and history.

Carrie – Book Review

It was absurd for first 70 pages. Being a fan of Stephen King, I did not wanted to give up reading. As I progressed, it turned out to be magical and one of my favorites.


Carrie White is telekinetic. She has powers to lift things with her mind control. The thoughts of the book wondered in my mind for a week after completing it.

Anyone who is into mystery and thriller, this one is a must read!

The Hair and the Tortoise

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

Yes. It was supposed to be Hare. Not hair. Mistakes happen. It’s a character mistake here. But you see that ‘i’ and ‘e’, though single character, bring a lot of changes to the meaning.

But anyways, you know the story right!? The tortoise wins. Then there were  second version stories made up with hare winning or tortoise getting an engineering seat under sports quota etc etc etc. This simple story has a lot of morale in it. Has or had? Ask a software engineer. If you tell him slowly and steadily develop an app then someone else will take away the market before the app is ready for release. A slow plan can make an interesting work obsolete.  The morale of slow and steady does not match or cannot be applied at every context.

Now that is intelligence. That is the change we have evolved to. Not many would understand where exactly to be slow and steady. Don’t read a single book for more than a month for it will lose its essence. If you are delayed in your work only someone else also involved in the work is delaying, then you need to think of a solution for that. Staying idle and watching over the time lapse is not the explanation. Being timely in works we carry out is or could be.

Be quick in shopping. Be a quick learner. Be quick in adapting to new things. Be fast in reaching the deadlines. Take the decision quick. If we keep delaying then things loose the essence. It is just like planning to watch a movie while it is trending and not after ten years down the line. We have a lot ahead to achieve. There are moments to be enjoyed now and they will never come back in the same way.

Be slow and steady with patience. Listen to things carefully and with intent to follow them. Be patient enough to understand the perspectives put forth by others. Be steady when you exercise or do yoga. Be slow and steady while you drive.

Hare and tortoise did run. Tortoise did win. This story might have moral well-tailored to suitable context. When we tell this story to someone, we need to make that we are using the right context. This is a run, the run to prove thyself.

More at: Run – The Secret Destination


NaNoWriMo 2017 ML for India


Being a participant and winner last year , I am excited for upcoming November.

One is that I already have the book planned for November with a chapter wise outline. It is going to be a technical book and I plan to finish a quality amount of it. .

Secondly, I had applied for Municipal Liaison (ML) for the region India and it’s approved! It’s here. This is going to be fun. I would have a lot of additional responsibilities and am very much ready for it.

What else can make writing more fun?
Bringing many together to write!