Nineteen: The Proposal

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It was a little different pair. They never expected each other to message regularly and update everything that happened over the day. They both used to talk everyday night for around 30 minutes. Anwesha used to speak nonstop.

It was weekend and Purvi was at their room. She suggested Aakash to propose Anwesha. She explained how Mohit had proposed her in a garden. She also added, “though it is not a mandatory advice, but it will be a most cherished moment. Till today it makes me feel great when I think of that day”. Sumit was looking at Purvi when she was explaining. Aakash was excited. They all decided to call Anwesha to the garden that evening and make a moment for life time.

All three went a little earlier and decorated a seat in the garden with heart shaped balloons. They had got a heart shaped cake as well. They were waiting for Anwesha to come to the garden. As she came, Sumit and Purvi got hid and Aakash went to her, held her hands and started walking her to the seat. Anwesha was all surprised and she was questioning on and on, about what’s happening. Aakash took her to the seat and asked her to sit. He was still holding her hand and could see the happiness in her eyes. Keeping his hand still firm, Aakash went down on his knees and looked at her and said,

proposal“I want a hand to hold,

Until the days beyond old

A heart to share,

And promises of never ending care”

My never with you would be only after forever. You have colored my life for I will always be a support to you; for the life time and till my last breath. Will you be the love of my life?

Anwesha was all tears. She got up and knelt on her knees. She hugged him and said “yes and forever”. She kissed him on his forehead.

Sumit and Purvi walked in. They hugged each other and had the cake cut. It was a dreamy moment just like it happens in movies. Out of the blue Purvi got a call! It was Mohit. He said, “My parents have been looking over our marriage dates and looks like we are getting married in 8 weeks. Am coming to Pune next week. Let’s do some shopping. And also I want to invite your friends. You should also talk in office about your resignation”.

Purvi was looking so happy that her face got wide. She immediately updated her friends and asked to take leave on Thursday and Friday. It’s gonna be a freaky friends weekend out!


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8 thoughts on “Nineteen: The Proposal

  1. Such a romantic proposal…..
    My last proposal was so sweet. His name was Kevin & he was tall, blond hair & hazel eyes like mine. He was of Dutch descent but lookedNordic…so handsome & so caring & compassionate.
    He came over to my place on a Summer’s night & made a Bar-B-Q for us. We ate outside & then he said he had dessert in the house so we went in & he suggested I sit down on the couch & he would get the dessert….
    So I sat down on something?? Something square & small…stood up & saw a ring box on the couch…the next thing I knew Kevin was on one knee & he proposed to me & asked me to marry him. I said something silly & started to laugh….& then he said “I love you Sherri-Ellen” & I burst into tears of happiness….I was not a young girl Prakash; I was already 44 years old & I felt like 18 once again….
    What a lovely memory…..
    I am smiling now 🙂

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  2. It was the most touching time of my life! Kevin meant the world to me as I was widowed & to have someone want to marry me & share Life with me touched me deeply. I adored Kevin….
    He gave me hope & strength & support when I went thru dark times with my health. I spent 3 months in a wheelchair & he pushed me about & carried me & never complained. He paid for Physiotherapy & helped me relearn how to walk.
    When he died in July 2003 I did not know if I could cope…..
    For the longest time I didn’t….
    I am here today by some miracle…or maybe it is just persistent stubbornness 😉

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    • I was a little tears reading this! You do have a lot of courage. you really are an example for hope. I am really lucky to have met you here. Thanks to wordpress. Thank you for being such a delight. #respect

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  3. Thank you Prakash for the compliment! I had to take care of Mingflower my aging Siamese girl & she pulled me thru those dark times. After she had died, I found Nylablue & she needed me with all her health issues. She gave me a reason to carry on & gave so much love.
    Nylablue kept me going for another 8 1/2 years. Now there is Purrince Siddhartha & he definitely needs me….
    Some days are still a bit difficult….most days are quite good! I focus on the good days! 😉

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