Missed Calls from Memory Silo


My Not so Dear Memory,
Eww! This is such a sticky situation. I so much hate you for often putting me in this barrel of used-to suffocation.

I know my remembrance class isn’t very classy and come on, off course I am a professor and known for my memory skills universally, but, my brain isn’t that bad dumpster too. I got to write something for this competition where my memory skills came to rescue in a sticky situation and you can’t make me recall one such good one to pen down? Mean you! Not that I did not have any sticky situations at all. Okay, I had enough and many. Does that mean I never got escaped from such situation and was always bait? Hey no. I don’t remember any such happenings. Okay, may be a few.

Some of them quickly pass through my mind. May be they are not that great ones to put them down. Like that day when a student asked me where I got my degree from, I was baffled in the beginning and then later in minutes could remember and gave the answer. Once when my wife had asked to purchase eggs, I had almost reached home, I then suddenly remembered and rushed back and got them. Once a sweeper had latched the closed door from outside with me and a set of students giving exam in the hall and luckily I had the college principal’s phone number. Once my wife had asked me to remind her to watch her favorite show and I forgot. Then after many hours I switched on the television being scared and that show was for god’s good sake being repeat telecasted. Then, when I checked out after few hours, it was still there and again on weekend.

If you think they were not sticky situation, then hey, you don’t know how uncomfortable I was! It was indeed sticky. My pants had almost become sweat pants. But for this post, I rather need some good ones. Like really good ones.

On a happy note, I remember the month of my marriage anniversary. When my mobile is not switched off from low battery, the calendar app reminds me to take bath every day. I remember that the toilet seat goes up (wait, is it down? Nopes. Up it is!).  I know my wife’s favorite color is not red.  I know that my ATM pin is my date of birth number combination. I always use a pencil to write something so that there is always eraser available to correct the mistakes though I purchase an eraser almost every two days. Etc, etc, etc. That pretty much saves most of my sticky situations. Isn’t that a sign of good memory now? Well, I already have majority of the problems nailed. Don’t you see that?

Dear Memory,
You are so genius. You did bank me by giving the puzzled memories and five hundred words the very right way. Like every single time, you saved my kidney!

Written for a contest which asked to pen down 500 words for – “Memory skills came to rescue in a sticky situation

Don’t Write Poetry.

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I read this amazingly beautiful poem by Charles Bukowski titled ‘But don’t write poetry‘ shared on Asha’s Blog. Thank you Asha for sharing the poem and I could not stop my self penning this down as an inspiration from the poem.


Emotions might get unreal,
Mind could fly to a world of illusion,
Beliefs might fling,
Life might seem amusingly beautiful,
When words might find solitude,
Lines might jazz,
Sadness might mourn,
Expressions might bleed,
Darkness might disappear,

One might see the fictional steps,
To the fairy land of dreams.
Don’t write poetry!

Happily Ever After – Ehh?

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After growing up listening to pixie tales and movies which put in the picture of ‘happily ever after’, the query is that, are we still kid enough to be told that ‘if it’s not happy, it’s still not the end’?

May be its different than what we think. When I sit with a novel and read some heart soothing pieces, I do sense the happily ever after moment. I do feel the same, while for the happy personal and professional moments. But I very well also know that they are momentary. Perfectly assured is that body and soul reaches the happily ever after when we stop living and while others mourn, we rejoice for leaving this sullied world behind.

My intentions are not to pull the same old thread of discussion that it is a myth and we need to learn to live by the moment blah blah stuff. Our ancestors have built an institution of ‘Happily Ever After’ and there must be some real take home to it. May be it’s a phase wise phenomenon that can never be understood. May be it’s a series of stitched stories which all have a happy ending, giving happiness one step at a time, one after the other.

I think it’s possibly this and many more:

  • One has to understand that pain is inevitable and suffering is like really and really optional
  • One needs to learn to use the energy through a positive channel
  • It is completely senseless to brag and cry over a problem for days and weeks
  • When conscience and actions are in the play ground, actions should passionately join the pace
  • Life has no meaning without ‘mad deep passionate never ending love’ towards something at every and any given point of time
  • Slow moving lives who take years to decide minimal something, might end up with nothing
  • Something is really not right if we have time and don’t know how to use it



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Lush? Where’s that?
Asked the muddy clog.
Lush? When’s that?
Asked the murky land.

Lush? What’s that?
Asked the opaque lines.
Lush? Who’s that?
Asked the ignorant dark.

Underneath that lush,
Was muddy and murky.
Beyond that lush,
Was ignorant and opaque.

From underneath to beyond,
Within and amidst,
Flashes and sparkles,
The lush, the real lush!

For the Daily Post Prompt: Lush

We Never Really Grow Up

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‘Someone’ from the sky who was representation of the positive energy decided to pick a random human being, single out some of his memory threads and see the behavior through the existential journey.

‘Someone’ was caught by a group of people who were having a conversation at a funeral discussing, “He was such a matured soul!” ‘Someone’ had found its subject and started picking out some of the heaviest memory threads from his timeline to monitor his thoughts from random periods of time.


The Thought Threads
During his school days, he used to stand in front of a mirror and converse with himself asking some common question. “Why am I so thin? Why am I not like everyone else, normal? Why am I of so much shy nature? Why does everyone make fun of me at school?” There were no answers. There was a pair of eyes which gestured through tears running down the cheeks.

Walking back to home from the high school he constantly used to have one question in his mind, “What is wrong with me?”

Long past the midnight, strong breeze of freezing air particles and he has packed himself inside a thick blanket. All he thinks about is his lonely college life. He is happy. He talks with minimal people and there is no one to bully.

The degree days has turned to golden days with the perfect blend of smiles and cries. He has learnt to live through all emotions. Some tougher decisions to make but studies have taken the priority. Learnt to live with people and take the comments smilingly.

He has understood that everyone is born with deficiency. Life is about what we celebrate. If we opt to celebrate the negativity, we all are going to crib throughout the life. Instead, if we embrace the talent, no one will care the deficiency. He thinks he is growing up.

He has learnt to solve the problems, one by one, with patience. No matter how hectic is the schedule; he had learnt not to complain.

He has started living a life of his dreams. He has a perfect family because he has his own definition of perfection. His work and personal life gives him a sleep of satisfaction every single day.

He has lived among so many negative people and still thrived and extracted only positive vibes out of them. He knows he will have to stay and dwell with the bad ones and still keep his sanity intact. He thinks he is finally growing up and being mature. Yes. He understands life.

He understands life is to ignore. Why should he care about what people would think if he wears his choice of dress to a function? He has a refined definition of maturity.

He understands that life is going to be with problems. He cannot solve them all.  We solve as much as we can and then carry the rest along. Life is still about waking up with satisfaction every single day.

He learns that we never really grow up! He has understood his mind and heart that, he will never understand it.


The Celebration
That ‘Someone’ was in celebration. The joy was jumping in infinite skies. ‘Someone’ had realized that it was his own funeral.

I have been doing a WordPress course  on ‘Shaping Your Story’. This is as assignment for Week Four: Crafting a Scene. More details can be found HERE.

IBMC Challengers – January 2017

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This is a summary post of challengers who have completed or on-going with the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for the month of January 2017. The challenge was instantiated in the early second week of April 2016.


Ruth from the blog Anything 2 Autopsy is the Twenty Seventh blogger to complete the challenge. The challenges were dealt in a very interesting way. I have enjoyed reading each of them and every reader sure will! The first one can be found here: Flying High.

‘Thank you’ to all who have taken/been taking the challenge and to all who have liked them. Feel free to take up the challenge if it excites you!:-)

A list of all the completed challengers (twenty seven) can be found HERE