Beauty, Blind Eyes

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This post is written for Three Line Tales Challenge Number 38.  It is a challenge put forth by Sonya from Only 100 Words, where we write a three line tale for the supplied image.


Photo Credit: William Bout

Whenever he was worn-out, he used to stare at this picture and write a new story.

He had scribbled hundreds of stories by now and the picture never lacked a motivation for a new perspective.

Today, he sits at a blind school, explaining this picture and all that flow are tears, not the words!

Satisfaction Volunteers

Written for the daily post prompt: Volunteer


While I take the walk,
Heading at a unknown destination,
In search of unknown,
Hate volunteered.

Hate had the ego,
Taking away the happiness,
Wicked got the mind,
Anger volunteered.

Anger had the stress,
Turned the good to ugly,
Unsatisfied was the soul,
Sadness volunteered.

While the party started,
Hate, anger and sadness rejoiced,
Darkness and the disco hall,
Depression volunteered.

All of a sudden I see the path,
I see the destination,
I understand the boundaries,
I see the disguised guests.

I volunteer love,
Welcome peace at will,
Home all the happiness,
Satisfaction volunteered.


The Memory Shop

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Professional life is untidiness. After a while, mostly, everyone realizes it’s about buttering, politics, hatred, fake smiles etc bits and pieces. It’s about learning the expressions and feelings like:  “I so much hate you”, “You are no friend of mine”, “Thank god, manager is on leave today”, “Good morning”, with a phony smile,  “Oh, we got to work this weekend!” etc. It’s about trying to find peace in the unwanted meetings. It’s about being part of meaningless discussions. It’s about doing a work just because manager says so. Something like this, all that and all that!


It’s the time where college WhatsApp groups go idle and you get added to work group where there is one with all juniors and one with all higher management. The forged emoticons, the sloppy forwards, some very theatrical leg pullings and in no time it becomes one boring dramatic monotone ride. Though we do not ask, they naturally flow in with ease.

Luckily, that’s not how my professional life started! I could only get to hear this from my working friends and experienced it years later when I had started my PhD and joined a work place for some stipends.  This post takes me back to my first working experiences.

After I finished my masters and joined back as a Professor, I looked like an alien among-st people who were already working there. I used to be idle sitting at my desk, with my associated works. This went on so for like two weeks. I used to join people at lunch, but it was mostly eating my box and boxing back to my chair. Those two weeks are the ones which I don’t remember anything else about. Because I was me, my works and you can call a boring version of me, which I did not like myself too.


Then slowly, as the conversations started, the staff room turned to a chatter box.  The lunch hours turned to a vegetable market. Our HOD had to split us into two different rooms when professors from other department complained that “your professors make a lot of noise”. “Fish market” it was, just like teachers in schools used to say!

I became known to be the idiotic one in the group, to talk all the nonsense. I knew at times, it would hurt people. But, I was like, “who cares?” They are friends and they will understand. And I am pretty sure that everyone in the group had the same feeling that they were the most idiotic one! May be we all were!

It is not that we were not engaging in our works. We did them to the mark. We used to assist each other, while at need to prepare for the class hours. There was no disturbance for the work life. Students never complained. They did complain about one thing that, “Our professors have more fun than students.” We used to feel good to go for outings when students had exams. We used to post those pictures on Facebook so that students feel a little Jealous. But they used to feel a lot jealous than what we had expected. So, we were happy!


The little birthday celebrations, the unplanned outings, the planned outings which usually went flop, the huge lunch time talks, teasing each other, the funny Facebook group conversations, discussing about “The Big Bang Theory” and the  “Vampire Diaries”,  class adjustments, talking about students, the “I will do that work”, the evening snacks, late evening campus roams, I guess we were more like students. Back again, for three long years.

memory-shop-6We never bothered for credit. We were equally happy for any one’s achievements. We did department events like a family event. There was no blame of work or complaint on any.  Going to work was like meeting another family. For a change, we were not colleagues, we were still friends. On one of our water fall trips, only on reaching we got to know that there was no water at all. We found a temple on the way and had our lunch. The whole trip was travelling. But trust me, it was the best trip we ever had in life.


Though things changed a little with time, whatever went outside, our group still remained the same for all the time we spent there. You know, Cruel time. Then we all split out. Few got married, few moved to higher studies, few stayed there and that every possible things time gifts with. I know we might never have that kind of environment again. Like never. But those were the best 3 years and an awesome start to my professional life. Its’ all ancient now! But the memories have turned to priceless antiques. The traces give tears and smiles at the same time.

I dedicate this post to our group. We have so many memories that we could talk for next three years on what we did in those three years. Okay, we don’t have a name for our group. We were just a bunch of modern people behaving like stone aged ones. I am not going to thank any of them. Because we are still in touch and will be through (Yawn, we now discuss family issues and matters. LOL.). And here goes a scare crow for this post!  scare-crow

Also tagging the post for daily prompt post: Ancient

They Tie The Ends

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This poem is written for Limerick Challenge Week 42: HomonymsHomonym is a word that is spelt the same or sounds the same as another word but is different in meaning.

I have used two homonyms:

  • too, to and two
  • sole and soul


too far from ends,
to the never ends,
each other’s sole,
single soul,
two best friends.

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The Mind Hustles

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Adit had a big day coming up. He was excited about the interview result which was supposed to be declared anytime. Mean while he had another big one lined up in two days.  The same day morning he had a presentation scheduled with his manager. It was a critical report and solely the responsibility of Adit. Mean while at home, there were some family responsibilities lining up from almost a week.

Adit was having this feeling of urgency. Life was moving at an undeterminable path. There was a rush.  There was hurry in everything he did. There was a call for urgency from every end. And when finally it was the day,

The family priorities were left unfinished, led to arguments, unfulfilled duties; he skipped his breakfast and reached office. While the presentation started, because of some unfinished jobs from manager side, all blame was sided to Adit. The presentation was halted in between asking him for a better. It was this monstrous manager for whom Adit wanted to change his job for. Just then, after the lunch, there was a mail which stated the rejection of his interview. It was a dream job rejection. Adit was soaking into a deep realm of thoughts.  The only left hope was another interview scheduled in the evening, which he failed too.

That day, Adit cried. His whole body cried. There was a call for urgency, an urgent need for rest. With no further decisions, he lay down on his bed and was into dreamless, thoughtless sleep.

Next day morning, he was stronger than ever before. Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Realistically.

For the daily post prompt: Urgent

The Painted Me

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I want to paint myself as a candle,
Glow with happiness, bright and shine,
Burn myself and stay divine,
Well, that’s not me!

I want to paint myself as a pen,
Unlimited ink, thoughts so pure,
Into the paper, into the heads,
Well, that’s not me!

I want to paint myself colorless,
Go invisible, go unseen,
Go to the mountains jump with joy,
Well, that’s not me!

I got colors, the painted me,
There is some white and some black,
For a change, I change every day,
Well, now that must be me!

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A Tasty Marriage

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This poem is written for Limerick Challenge Week 41: Taste. The challenge is hosted by Rashmi and can be reached at: Mind and Life Matters.


He liked it spicy and hot,
She liked sweetness a lot,
Tasty differences,
Varied preferences,
Marriage, a blissful jackpot.

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Also tagging for the daily post prompt: Promises. Marriages carry many unsaid promises to agree and settle for all the similarities and differences! That’s how the journey of two gets tastier and delicious.

We Learn

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We learn to live in the mess.
Sometimes it’s the room which is messed up and sometimes it’s the head.

We learn to live through uncertainties.
Be it a festival or a normal day, we learn that uncertainties are non detachable packages and have to be carried on.

We learn to live decisions.
A minor or a major, they come with cause and effects and we learn to live the priorities.

We learn to live the time.
Between all those little come and goes, those little moments teach us how to live and thrive.

We learn to live with hate.
Smarty pants or a shit head, love or hate, they teach us to move ahead.

We learn to live with another.
Friend or a foe, they bring people together.

We learn to live with Ignorance.
When stupidity reaches its peak, ignorance is bliss and we learn to live with it, with profundity.

We learn to live with broken heart.
It was meant to be broken and we learn that it is easier to live that way. Broken creates gap and creates space for more.

We learn to live with dreams.
They are going to flourish one day and open up more to follow.

We learn to live with Arguments.
They brings the good ones near.

We learn.
To Live.

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