12 Ebooks and Reviews


The Journey
It’s been 12 ebooks this far – both technical and non technical. They all have been FREE downloads and have received a lot of comments/feedback through mails, chats, blog etc.

I started my writing journey by being a very hilariously awkward writer, which was an outcome of my research frustration with the online series called today calls tomorrow. Back then, I just wanted to write and write, for fun, where I was least bothered about writing style or presentation. Today, the first work definitely has this expression of: “Oh, I was such a bad writer”.

It did not take much time to realize the beauty that writing had and gave. With time came the improvements and eleven other works. Technical book ‘Design of a Programmer’ has 750+ downloads this far and has been increasing every .day. The reach of the book has been happiness (This is official count from only one site which I have access to).

All these works by far have provided a serious booster to work on something big which I started during NaNoWriMo 2016, the full fledged novel “i 4 you”. Through this post I want to make this request.

The Request
If you have read any of my works, kindly leave a review. It could be a review or a review + comment on either goodreads(preferably) or on smashwords. This will help me in approaching a good publisher for the novel – “i 4 you” and it has truly been taking a lot of my edit timings/efforts this far.

Your time spent in the giving a review will definitely help me in a lot of ways and sure is a motivation and support for up coming things. [Specially for the work ‘i 4 you’]. So why this sincere request.  

Here are the links to my profile pages:


– Goodreads Author Profile Link


– Smashwords Author Profile Link

All the ebooks can be free downloaded from Smashwords. My heartfelt thanks for the support and love this far.


That ‘it’

It’s a professional personal thing. It’s a thin thread of story line that possibly happens in disguised form in every individual’s life. It’s about that smile which has won the battle and got featured on face suppressing the pain within.  It’s the silent cries that sync’s with the mid night clock ticks on weekends because life was too busy even to cry on weekdays.

It’s the soreness which was left behind for being unable to take the decision as it was unable to weigh which one had more sacrifices.  It’s telling to the little heart housed in the big body that it’s okay to cry.  It’s being part of other’s happiness while knowing that ship we own is sinking. It’s about dreams, dreams that keep one going forward. It’s the liberation of freedom and understanding it in the true sense.


It’s this one little thing. That ‘it’, is life. 

Note: I was editing my work-in-progress Novel “i 4 you” and felt like this part needs to be shared right away. That’s how this post came up!

Hey, Hi!

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This poem is dedicated to all those who initiate a conversation at the much needed time, like some 7th sense or old god asked them to do so. Definitely its a LUCK to have such people around in life, no matter the actual distance of separation.

Sun has waved a bye,
Snacks and tea bye bye,
Mind is drunk as ape,
Laziness is my shape.

Works fly around,
Buzz with woofer and surround,
While the questions hang,
“Why me?”, is the song.

The hums of weird sounds,
Virtual tours and rounds,
One, two, fun, pun,
Finger points at none.

Then it pops up,
The energy booster,
The surprise toaster,
“Hey, Hi”

The Roads That Never Saw a Good Driver

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Do you realize that one can never be a good driver unless everyone on the road is a good driver?

It’s not only about you following the lights and rights but also about everyone else doing it and being extra careful on those who are being blind to it. Does that somewhere with some really good probability mean that the roads will never see a good driver? Yes, possibly that.

Does that mean that roads are always unhappy with that known fact?
Oh, no. They aren’t. They still celebrate. They enjoy the lights and the rains. They enjoy the wheels and the steps. They wear and tear with seasons and get a new coat with time. They always take the new avatar when they get old. They remain neutral to good or bad.

They are not the unvoiced ones. They shine in the light and wet in the rain. They go with the flow and color with the show. They read and see hundreds of stories everyday and still don’t be either judge or mental nor judge mental.

Ahhh! Its’ just not the roads! Do you see how similar it is with us and our lives?



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I am self nominating for #MyFirstPostRevised from Ameena’s Randoms by a Random Blog.

Here are the Rules:
– No cheating. (It must be your first post. Not your second post, not one you love…first post only.)
– Link back to the person who tagged you (thank them if you feel like it or, if not, curse them with a plague of ladybugs).
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 Here goes my First post

Title: Is This Life All About? – A New Old
Date: 16 July 2014

Scribble 01: A new Expectation
A new big change is always accompanied with a resistance.  Monotonous life is unaccepted and change is undesired. Once the change is on board, a new change awaits up in the queue. Is This life all about?

Scribble 02: A new Decision
A new decision is a new perspective. From moving to a new project to trying a new menu in a restaurant. Bits or bytes of a decision could lead to a new path in life. Is this life all about?

Scribble 03: A new Phase
Decision always directs a path. An unusual experience with dear ones can give a new turn. With time we grow our contacts, act more matured, be more social and look things in a diverse way. Is this life all about?

Scribble 04: A new Buy
As a kid, a chocolate was excitement. Today it’s an electronic gadget. Tomorrow it could be a flat. A new dress can no more be fun! It’s now all about the big thinking. Is this life all about?

Scribble 05: A new Generation
Our parents are outdated to us and we will be to our kids. It will be us who will bring the changes and make ourselves outdated for our kids! Is this life all about?

Scribble 06: A new Old
Things change. We will move on. There will be always new old’s which will get into our list. With time new gets older and we will have a new old. But some things can never be replaced or changed and it’s all up to us to make that classification. Yes, it’s the priority. This is life all about.

I am keeping this open. Feel free to Join in and Leave your link in the comment. I will be happy to read. 

Poem Shop

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Poems have the ability to speak the thoughts in more than one said way, touching various levels of depth. While the poet pens down with individual perspective, the reader has a freedom to give the concluding thoughts.

For me, poems are happiness. Collecting them together in the form of a book is happiness. This book, Poem Shop is the fourth one in series of the poems I have pen down. The first one was ‘P for Poetry’ which gave me the ‘go good’ feeling. Second one ‘Poetic Desk’ gave me the ability to see and pen down poems with depth. Then came ‘100 Haiku’ where I enjoyed writing haiku and the stories they tell in three lines.

I put together my next 25 collection here as Poem Shop. Like others, its a FREE download!

Poem Shop - LR

Can be downloaded here: POEM SHOP

The Garden of Roots

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A soul had reached a place, no where identifiable in a map nor named by any navigator. It looked like a confined tiny place at glance but more the explored, larger it got. It wasn’t some kind of magic land. It was real and very far away from the miracles of fiction.

For there was no name, nothing addressed, nothing displayed and not a thing visible. It was an infinite space compressed into finite footsteps.  Though the soul could feel the moment, every moment had a sink deep inside, pulling inwards. This space was a house of thoughts.

The first of thoughts were of unconditional love. That form of love – pure, with no conditions or expectations like that of birth and care.

There were the thoughts of the origins. Not like the wind, rain, fire, earth, species etc. Not that ancient. Not like technology, speed, race etc. Not that recent too. It was somewhere amidst the evolution of species.

There is always culture, the one that binds and bounds. Culture is that essential morale which keeps one growing and directs to the path of success. Those ancestral traditions and learning’s which uplift the values.

There were memories with the missing feelings. They were the ones which could easily snatch away the sleep. They were the ones which would want the soul to grow younger.

There were belongings. They were accumulations that were gathered with time. The one’s which were associated with the personality and served as the identity. The one’s which drew the boundaries.

There was knowledge which had groomed out of experience. Some made through the hard way and some through the scribbles.  Some led with decisions and some consequences. They formed the knowledge base for the promotions, like knowing the right pinch of salt to turn the dish delicious.


It did not take much time for the soul to realize that it was in theGarden of Roots’.

Note: My  Sincere thanks to Mansi Karna for letting me borrow her book title –  ‘A Garden of Roots,‘ which is Work In Progress. Wishing her all the success for the book.

IBMC Challengers – February 2017

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This is a summary post of challengers who have completed or on-going with the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for the month of February 2017. The challenge was instantiated in the early second week of April 2016.


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Mick from Mick E Talbot Poems is the Thirty Second blogger to complete this challenge. I was astonished by the poetry writing skills and I am sure everyone and anyone will be. The Haiku, Haibun and the variants bring the warmth. Its a celebration of poetry there. The First one can be read here:Haibun

S Francis from the blog SAILORPOET is the Thirty Third blogger to complete this challenge. One is definitely going to enjoy the diverse and curious reads of ten challenges, as I did. The first one can be read here: Setting the Perfect Fire.

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‘Thank you’ to all who have taken/been taking the challenge and to all who have liked them. Feel free to take up the challenge if it excites you!:-)

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