A to Z Challenge 2023 – Theme Reveal

Like the past years, I am excited for the April’s A to Z Challenge. This is my SEVENTH year of attempting this challenge and here is the timeline of themes:

2017: An idiom for an alphabet and 8 line poem to it.

2018: Emotions and expressions for life and 8 line poem to it.

2019: Words and phrases from foreign languages and 8 line poem to it.

2020: Metaphors from movies, idioms, celebrities, paintings, songs, etc and 8 line poem to it.

2021: Around the World and 8 line poem for it.

2022: Wordy Wonders and 8 line poem for it.

Here is the theme for 2023:

A to Z legendary creatures from cultures and folklore. Each creature will follow the background, life implication and of course, a eight line poem.

I will also be doing one on Instagram with the theme #WingsofLife (prakash.hegade)

Will you be doing the A to Z Challenge?


The Thematic April

April always brings ample themes into the picture. It’s the month where A to Z challenge happens. Plus, time for Campo NaNoWriMo. Like every year, I will be doing both.

For my resolutions, I am picking the theme as #WingsofLife. Here is my list for April:

1. Complete A to Z challenge with two themes. (Look up for next post for theme reveal)

2. Complete Camp NaNoWriMo (Novel Editing)

3. Work out on internship proposal

4. Submit comprehensive document

5. Read 3 Novels

6. Travel to one place

7. Exercise atleast 24 days

8. Surprise thy-self and live it out

March of 2023

With a week more left in the March, as it has been so for the first 3 weeks, I would want to continue to have the messy-ness.

March? – A Mess

The highlight of the month was randomness, travels, mess, more mess, unexpected and then being with the flow. I don’t know how I pulled out the first three weeks. It amazes me for the things that I could manage through the first three weeks. The last week is a breather and I am very much in need of that.

I want to make the best use of remaining nine days. Keep it messy and be happy and proud of every moment that passed by. I have found a profound meaning for love and it makes me happy. Isn’t everything about being what we truly are and be fearless every single day?

I will be coming back for April goals. And April is A to Z and Camp NaNoWriMo. Okay, I need plans!

Code Complete – Feb Closure

My goal of Feb 2023 was to be ‘Poco Loco’ and look at me coming back at March end to justify it! isn’t that crazy enough? Everyday feels like a month and I am absolutely loving it. Today is the first, after a very long time, gave a break to my routine. Of course I took trips but I don’t categorize them as breaks. They have become part of living now.

Here is what February did to me:

The Crazy Fun Basket

1. Travel lots – long and shorts (more than 1000 kms) – Complete

2. Read two novels – None

3. Host one workshop on literature related – Complete

4. Express out more than usual – be fearless – Was. Will be.

5. Exercise and stay fit – Did

The Research Basket

1. Write 50,000 words – I guess I did

2. Write 4 reports – Complete

3. Take 1 course for research – Complete

4. Prepare for comprehensive viva – In-Progress

5. Deliver one guest talk – Complete

More than anything, everyday felt like a charm. Everyday had its color. Everyday was a bliss!