IBMC Challengers – January 2017

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This is a summary post of challengers who have completed or on-going with the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for the month of January 2017. The challenge was instantiated in the early second week of April 2016.


Ruth from the blog Anything 2 Autopsy is the Twenty Seventh blogger to complete the challenge. The challenges were dealt in a very interesting way. I have enjoyed reading each of them and every reader sure will! The first one can be found here: Flying High.

‘Thank you’ to all who have taken/been taking the challenge and to all who have liked them. Feel free to take up the challenge if it excites you!:-)

A list of all the completed challengers (twenty seven) can be found HERE


100 Haiku – Ebook

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Though there are several forms of poetry, Haiku is one form which I like the most. It is for a reason that very easily the efforts put in to write a haiku might go plain and senseless. Like, they might just become a set of words which do not speak out the message which they were intended to. Though they are in the structure of three lines, they can speak a book of stories. It takes time to pen down a haiku and it’s that effort that gives the pleasure.

This ebook has the first hundred Haiku that I have pen down. I hope you will read and enjoy them. I would be much happier if it inspires to write one!


Its a FREE DOWNLOAD and can be downloaded here: 100 Haiku

steps, one at a time,
enjoying distracted paths,
delightful hundred.

Note: I had 70 of them written over time. Then, I did pen down 30 more to make them 100 since last week.

The Habitual Eye for I

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When I say ‘nothing’, it could mean there is ‘everything’ that is, but still ‘nothing’ or in fact there is actually ‘nothing’. 


 I, eye, I don’t believe in what I see, though I see it. It’s like you have paid attention to one hour speech and when you try to comprehend, you discover that there was nothing worth take way in it. What it leaves behind is you wondering how the presenter managed to speak for an hour with a zilch.

You see the four words below?
Eye, Yam, Ede, Yet

It’s not actually what you see. Read it fast repeatedly and you will realize what actually it means. Did you see? So why, when people say, ‘Seeing is believing’, I go brrruuuahhh!

I feel pity for those who endeavor for perfections. It is good to have them for petite deadline routines but life as perfection, Are you kidding? Life is gorgeous with imperfections. Life needs to welcome a lot of unexpected things and only an imperfect soul can find beauty in it. Life crazily varies from the line of perfection reaching under as well as over.  The message is to stop looking and visualizing for perfections. If routines become boring then one has to change the way to do them rather than finishing them in hurry.

passion, loyalty,
pull everything from inside,
pathway, to stand out.

My every dark circle enlightens a story. Here are some one liner suggestions to everyone. What you see, is exactly what it means, unlike a few cases.

Inside the Box
Thinking inside-the-box is the solution when everyone else is thinking out-of-the-box.

Terms and Conditions
Doing it our way is the uniqueness, for we all are created on our own terms and conditions.

Stand Out
Standing out is everything about pulling out everything from inside.

The Switch
The game is always on. We just need the right switch to be triggered.

Pebbles of Glow
After-all, the game is all about finding the pebbles of glow!


I have been doing a WordPress course  on ‘Shaping Your Story‘. This is as assignment for Week Three: Finding Your Key Moment. More details can be found HERE.

The Great Gatsby – Review

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I had decided to read one novel per month this year as referred in my post Reboot, Restart and Resume. Its 2017. For January I had picked the classic, “The Great Gatsby”. Here is what I take away from the Novel!


At times novels must be read to understand the heart and soul that author has put in, to bring those picture through words.  F. Scott Fitzgerald sets the plot with social history of America during 1920’s on the prosperous Long Islands. It’s the story which brings out the culture during the period and along with that goes the love story of Jay Gatsby.

For the Pleasure of Reading
For the first 50-60 pages of the book I was confused and wondering where the book was going.  Then later I could not drop it until I finished reading it. I got so much involved that I also saw the movie. Like said, the book is not just the plot. The writing style is very impressive and narration gives the warmth. The incidents reveal the truth at the right moment in time keeping the curiosity in the readers.

No wonder it is a classic and I feel, one should read such writings without having a thought of review/critique and only for the pleasure of reading. It is a book with many ‘Oh’ and ‘Wow’ moments. My gratitude and thanks to Rashmi from the blog Mind and Life Matters for suggesting this novel.

When the Dreams Cry

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When the dreams die,
Burst inside,
Flame within,
Chaos the interior,
With unheard howling cries.

When the dreams die,
The deceased diverges,
Intellect shatters,
World looks hideous,
The water cries.

When the dreams die,
Is like a half carved statue,
Undefined shape,
Just stand ugly,
And the meaning cries.

When the dreams die,
Tears decide to stay in,
Finding inner more beautiful,
Silently dries,
While the heart cries.

When the dreams die,
Rest is all Babel.

The Asset Within

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in a word council,
with no doubt, what so ever,
‘capable’, the lord.

The Meaning
When a baby is trying to learn to pick and hold objects, at first it learns that it has to stretch the hands. Then the baby learns and starts to use its finger to grab. It understands that there is a little more to it. Then it learns to use the whole hand, all the five fingers, to grab and there it sees the success. The baby knew it was capable. That is why it kept trying with different incremental conducts until it succeeded.


The Within
Heart has an extraordinary capability to make face go red and blush when in front of loved ones. Mind has a capability to play with eyes when not so comfortable foe walks around. We know our responsibilities and for that we build ourselves some capabilities. Some have deep roots within and some are just held with a thin string. Some get us satisfaction and some, the bread and butter.

They say learning to say ‘No’ is an art. That means ‘Yes’ comes more easily. This kind of also explains the hidden capabilities. Like lot many quotes say, it’s the realization and the belief, that shines the capabilities.

Capabilities get weighed between happiness and responsibilities, often calling a  trade-off.

The Perspectives
No one gave capabilities to sun, moon or stars. A plastic was given capability to hold the water turning it into a pot structure. One can easily communicate to opposite gender and other needs extra effort. Some were under estimated and some overrated. Some use it as a means to compare and some use it to appreciate. Some give a lengthy speech and disappear and some display the results.

It’s all in the eyes, mind, heart and mostly,
The Self!

For the daily post prompt: Capable