Forty Four: Sumit as Amit

Anwesha went to Sumit’s room. Poorna followed her and hid behind the door as Anwesha entered the room. Sumit was sleeping. She woke him up. Sumit went “What?? at this midnight?”

Anwesha – “Sumit, I know you were not sleeping. Tell me the story. What’s it??”

Sumit – “What story? What are you talking about?”

Anwesha – “You think I have not seen it? The one between you and Poorna”

Sumit put his head down and was speechless

Anwesha – “Speak out you shameless!”

Sumit started,

“It was few years ago. I don’t know exactly how long.  I had opened my account on Orkut and I was all excited. I was so much excited that I also created a fake account with name “Amit” and started chatting with girls around.

One day around midnight 1.00 just before I could sleep I saw a profile created with name “Poorna”. I sent request and she immediately accepted. I liked her picture and slept off. She was very good looking.  Then I got busy with my exams. A week later I logged in with my fake account. Poorna was on-line and I started the chat. She was from Delhi and I was thousands of kilo-meter away from her. Apart from my picture, everything else in that account was fake one. I was least bothered to chat anything as I was pretty sure I would not meet her anyways.

We started over usual conversation and soon it became a routine. We used to chat till late midnights most of the times. I even bunked few classes because of late night chats. We got to know everything about each other. Sometimes the chat would get dirty too. One day, I proposed her and said ‘I love you’. I was not sure on what she would reply. Luckily she said yes. I was never serious when I said it. It was all time pass to me.

The chats became longer and we used to discuss all wild and dirty things. After that we never spoke about love.  It was only likes. One day she asked me to meet at lotus temple. I was sure, being so far I could not meet her. I did not even know where and what is lotus temple. I decided this is the best time to end this conversation. To be away from consequences I deleted that account and created another fake account. I was young and stupid. I forgot everything and moved on.”


Anwesha slapped him. Twice. Really bad. Out of all the anger.


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