Twenty Eight: The Wow Moment

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The view outside was mind taking. It was like moving to a dream land. Have a look!

Sumit was trying to picture the view outside the window, but there was a disturbance. The thoughts that were disturbing him were; who the stranger below his berth is!

Who is the one? Who is that someone?

If it’s the kid, would not be alone

So it’s definitely not, it’s not the one.

If it’s an elder, respect from my side,

And the usual ride, as it’s not the one.

If it’s a he, another friend I got,

Another company, though not the one.

What if, what if it’s the gorgeous?

Like it happens in fantasies!

It could be the one, that someone!

Dear lord, listen to my prayers,

For let the day be one,

Where I have found my someone!

 Sumit looked down and the seat was empty! He was curious. He started looking at both sides. He saw an elderly woman walking towards their compartment. He went “oops!”. And told himself, “Ata boy! Next time!”.

In seconds, the lady moved ahead to next compartment! Behind her was another girl. She came with calm and sat down. Yes, She was that someone. Sumit went “Woww!”. He could feel the sweets dancing in his heart!


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