2. Short Lived Inspirations

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible – Francis of Assisi

This story is definitely not an inspiration as it is short lived. I don’t know where the days are where something kept us active and alive for more than a year. Today it’s like am inspired and blink, I see it no more. Sometimes knowing the reason solves the problem. Let us reason out some possibilities.

The truth behind the scene
One reason is that mind somehow does not agree to the subject of the inspire-r. We know that it was just a speech and inspire-r does not himself follow what he preaches which is more than ninety percent true in today’s case. Or that it was just for a promotion and advertisement of some brand and it’s pretty much known that it was a paid service. Or it is that it was too much or too little to follow and it was way beyond our concerns. Or though it said there was a message we would prefer to appreciate it and forget as soon as possible. Or we appreciate the efforts and publish over social media and end it with few comments and likes. And many other such classifiable reasons follow though. To put that in one line, “We just don’t care!”

The lie in-front of the scene
The other reason being, we are too impatient and our life style has changed us so much that we hardly agree to anything. Or it could be the little ego about us being more right than the inspiration. We are not open to other things though we pretend to accept them. Or we are so impatient that we pretend as if we hardly heard it. Or that we are too busy to read or to do or to follow that. To put all that in one line, “We just don’t care!”

The solution
A prepared mind picks only the best of every core and nook. There should be some way to be more patient, listen to things carefully, not to keep our lives too busy than required, have attention to details, read more and more, do things of love more often or what ever you want to call, have a list of things that will bring back us the way we were in our childhood. I know we are not ready to accept the solution as the solution. Because there is no solution as every individual needs a customized one which only thyself can provide.

With self-discipline most anything is possible – Theodore Roosevelt


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4 thoughts on “2. Short Lived Inspirations

  1. I find your writings very uplifting and inspiring. I thoughts to share my story thru forums but u inspired me to write them in short stories or essays , maybe poems? I’ve had writer’s block for many years until recently but I’m rusty and Your perspective is very similar to mine. Are you Rh negative blood type by chance?

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