IBMC Challengers – October 2017

This is a summary post of challengers who have completed or on-going with the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for the month of October 2017. The challenge was instantiated in the early second week of April 2016 and a part of WordPress Event which can be found HERE.


Hridayanka from the blog Inked Beliefs has completed four challenges so far. The first one can be found here: When I See You

‘Thank you’ to all who have taken/been taking the challenge and to all who have liked them. Feel free to take up the challenge if it excites you!:-)

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Thank You Jeeves – Book Review


My first Wodehouse and certainly wont be the last. Immediately ordered two more and my next read, sometime soon, is going to be ‘Pigs Have Wings’.  Thoroughly enjoyed the light humor. I am glad to have picked this one!

Jeeves is definitely a savior and an honest companion to Bertie Wooster. For every twist the life brings, Jeeves has a solution that can give a turn. The best part is that there are more in the series. Have you read them too?

From The Void

We all live with voids.
A lot of.

Void is emptiness.
Void is nothingness.
Void is eternal.

If there is anything that can occupy infinity, then it is void. Void is ever lasting,  replacing in its forms.

Void has a meaning.
Void can be packed.

It can be filled with nothing, if we don’t have anything. A void can have everything and  still seem nothing. A void is a void, for any reason it is being called so.

Void is a feeling.
Void is an entity.
Void is an object.
Void has resources.
Void makes fun.
Void takes fun.

If there was nothing typed here, it would be a void, an empty post, still not opened or named, lost with its cause and undefined, unknown with its existence. I had  every option to pick the set of words of my choice to fill this void and give the shape that I find the most pleasing.

Yes, in the end, it’s we, who decide to see what’s actually in it!  The void after all, is not a just a void after all!

Form: The Void


This post is written for Three Line Tales Week 91 hosted by Sonya. The challenge is to write a three line tale for the supplied image.


photo by Julien Laurent via Unsplash

It’s not what it looks like!

No, I am not talking about the crow, its real and so about the food crumb, which is real as well.

I am talking about the hand, for whose objective is not known yet.

Announcing NaNoWriMo 2017 Novel

PH Bytes

Okay, I have decided to go technical this year. I have been having this book written from a long time and I guess this is the right time to complete it. Lots is done and lots need to be done yet and I guess NaNoWriMo is the right time.

I would be writing the book – “C the Data Structures” which explains and talks about data structures using C programming language. The approach is going to be different. Its is going to be more of story telling than the usual text book based explanation. Lots of scenarios and examples I mean!

C the Data Structures

2 more days to go and I am already excited. Are you all as well? If you are writing, add me as your buddy. My user id is: prakash.hegade

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NaNoWriMo – Starter Pack


  • Is there a writer in you?
  • Have you ever felt you should try your hands on writing, give it a shot and explore?
  • Or are you already a writer?
  • Does writing make you frantically happy?
  • Do you already have your next project lined out?
  • Or do you want to just write?

What else can be better than writing it along with the world? Come in and be part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).


What is NaNoWriMo?
It is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to promote writing and creativity.

What is the Target and Timeline?
The writing begins from November 01 spanning for the entire month (ends Nov 30th midnight 11.59pm). One needs to tackle the writing goal of 50,000 words.

Yes, 50K. 50,000 is definitely a huge number but if seen as 1667 words per day, definitely doable. Weekends, constant support and motivation from NaNoWriMo and buddies, pep talks, lots of resource materials and daily writing sprints make this target exciting and easier.

However if you have your own target, there is also NaNoWriMo Rebel where one can set individual writing targets.

What can I Write?
Anything! Anything that makes you happy and you want to write. It’s not about the bothering and worries of editing and giving the final touch. It’s about writing and just it.

Any Amazing Numbers?
Year 2016 had 384,126 participants with 646 regions from 6 continents. What else can be a better motivation and support to write?


So, What Next?
It’s not about the letting go the writer in you because of daily sloppy life routines. It’s about cherishing that write-cravings and dedicating the month November to write and push the boat out.

Are your words ready to celebrate? Do you have a project? Hope in! Register at National Novel Writing Month.

What after Registration?
Select the appropriate region from where you are writing, look out the regional forum for introduction and other threads, create a writing project, make some new buddies and get started! The writing officially begins from November 01.


– Prakash Hegade,
Municipal Liaison for India

You can add me up as your buddy. My Profile id is prakash_hegade