Forty Six: The Marriage

It was zero hours left for the big day. Aakash, Anwesha, Sumit and Poorna were invisible for few hours. They had planned a surprise wedding gift. It was the most expected day for Mohit and Purvi. It was the dream wedding. There were thousands of people gathered.

Mohit was dressed in white and red,

Waiting for Purvi, eager to wed.

The eyes were searching for the sight,

Thinking of all the future bright.

Purvi matched the white and red,

More eager was she to wed.

Purvi looked like a princess,

For she was going to lock her prince.

The rituals banded the life together,

The promises made to be forever.

The blessings reached the sky,

Couples were ready to fly.

 Purvi said to Mohit,

It started with sharing my feelings,

When I was “okay” for all your “yes”!

You were the lyrics for all my tunes &

I am the rhythm for all your beats

Now I am ready to share my life

And I am “yes” to all your “Okay”

 Mohit was no lesser in competition. He presented,

The days were pleasant, now they are more.

Just like the sun adding beauty to Sea shore.

The days were great, now they seem fantastic,

You can always pull more when life is elastic.

The days seemed live, now they look lovely,

Everything is ready, like for kick start newly.

I have got a hundred reasons to rejoice,

for my life brings a life partner.

 It was one lovely day!


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