Thirty Two: The Slap

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The next day morning, Poorna was in Sumit’s room. Sumit was still sleeping. As soon as he got up, he saw Poorna sitting on a chair and waiting for him to wake up. He was not sure if she was waiting for him. He wanted to make sure if it was not a dream as she walked towards him. Sumit was not in good enough situation to get up from his bed. As Poorna was walking towards him he said, “Poorna, am sorry. We are sorry for whatever happened. Forget them all. It was not a good time.”

Poorna replied, “Yes. I came to say the same that I am sorry as well. I wish I would have not been so rude on you three. Am sorry that… I just screamed at you all. I would have done this as well that day…”

Sumit was staring at her deeply. Poorna slapped him lightly and left the room. Sumit was fuming. What just happened? Did she slap me? He shouted at her back while she left the door, “I will slap you too one day!”

Sumit was not able to recover what had just happened. He just rolled on the bed and hid himself in bedspread. He wanted to write a letter to devil. He wished if he was a wall. He wanted to ride a horse and go to a far far away land. He just wanted to go back home.

He relaxed and did not want to make any issue at the friend’s wedding. It was Purvi’s wedding. He had to be there for her and make her every moment special. He decided to keep this as a secret to himself and got up from his bed.

He got fresh and took almost 20 minutes to brush his teeth. He had many thoughts running in his mind. All of a sudden there was a loud noise coming from outside. It was like everyone out there were yelling and trying to escape from something! He could hear the screams. Just the screams and not any single other word or phrase!

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