Nine: The Whaattt??!!

Post the trip, the friendship got stronger. Aakash and Sumit had become like family. There was no partition in room which said what belonged to whom. There was one key to the room and everyday they had a perfect sync while they left the room as well as returned back. Days passed on and it was almost a month of professional life.

Every now and then Aakash used to ask about Purvi and Sumit used to blush and go red. Sumit always disagreed to agree to Aakash’s expression and concluded that “She is my best friend!” However Aakash had noticed a few things and said:

The other day when we had been to temple, after every incident you were looking at her.

You took the prasadam and gave it her. You followed her every footstep in the temple.

While having dinner, you ordered gobi paratha only after Purvi ordered gobi paratha.

You text her ‘good morning’, ‘good night’ and ‘what not’ every day.

Most of the times when you are having chat with her, you ignore to everything I say and nod your head.

In the trip we had, you updated her every place we visited.

Sometimes you even ask her what color dress she is wearing to the office.

You presented her a Chinese clay model on her birthday and you have purchased similar one for yourself.

You have written poems on her. And I have 51 more other such things to say.

Bro, What’s the deal??



There was a long silence in the room. Meantime Aakash opened his facebook account to check his updates.

He saw a status update from Anwesha which was just posted and jumped out of happiness:

status update

And at the same time, Sumit broke down and said

“Purvi is already engaged!”



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6 thoughts on “Nine: The Whaattt??!!

  1. That wonderful feeling when you know the next part before it is posted. I enjoyed the story a lot. Being your first attempt at it, it is really not that “ewww” that you had self declared once 🙂

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