Zero: The Launch

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There is nothing like “once upon a time” or “long ago there lived” etc etc stuff. It’s just happening around somewhere, possibly. How lucky that you could be reading a live love story! Just to warn you for ahead, my friends called me headache and I loved it.


Aakash, got placed in his pre-final year after a lot of struggle. You know, not everyone gets to enjoy the joy in getting placed late. Its a whole bunch and bundle of experience. For now, let’s just say, the process of experiencing many interviews had made him stronger and confident than many of his classmates. He had his favorite selfie which he had taken after he got placed with all the friends who supported. See, that’s what makes engineering life unbelievable. Binding’s get created unknowingly and they make the life beautiful.

A moment ago he graduated from engineering and he had all this weird thoughts in his head. Yeah. Weird ones. He is going to miss his special friend whom he never dared to express how special she was and now world outside looks like there could be more opportunities. As the caps went high, he thought he should let go the feelings for Anwesha and he did! That’s the confidence am speaking about. Aakash was matured enough to handle his life, as the reality demands. Though he could hear an extra heart beat when Anwesha was around, life ahead of him looked more exciting.

Send-off party, good food, memory videos, thousands of snaps, guidance to juniors, miss-you miss-you cries, few thoughts on facebook and that’s how the last few days ended. Well, then ahead was an open invitation to step into a whole different world. Aakash had 2 months of time before he had his joining.

You can easily take a guess on what he did in two months! He went to gym, learn’t car driving, met friends, few parties, some hangouts and days passed like hours and hours like seconds. There was no time for second thoughts and the date of joining was few hours away. With family and friends wishes, Aakash was in Pune. To earn his daily bread and jam.


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  1. I am new to this blogosphere. I don’t the story behind the story, but when I saw continue here I started seeing pages of continue here to know the rest of the story. So where’s the rest of the story?

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