Forty Nine: Happy Endings

Mohit and Purvi had happily settled. Their school got famous and as well many awards and recognition. Government was also aiding it financially. It grew out to be school with more than a thousand registrations running short courses of culture and dance. They also built a hostel and their program also had a Manali trip for registrants.




Aakash and Anwesha had settled in Pune, both working in the same company. With time the love only increased with sufficient number of fights at periodic intervals. They had started a NGO to help the poor kids and they got associated with Purvi’s dance school as well, funding two poor kids in every course.




Amit and Poorna had settled in Delhi. They used to fight as often as possible and in the same way love to. They both were working in different companies and had the most exciting life ever. Amit was loyal to Poorna and respected all her decisions. They had even got both of their parents to stay with them.




Every year, from December 20 to 31, it was a trademark holiday for all of them. The plan was to spend those days in Goa. They had promised to follow it forever! And they did!






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5 thoughts on “Forty Nine: Happy Endings

  1. Everyone is happily married & things are going well….I love this Prakash…
    There is nothing like a ‘happy ending’!!!!!
    (but it says continue….so will it be a total happy ending?) 😉

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