Thirty Five: Rise of Surprise

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Purvi was eager to know what the surprise was. As she slowly opened her eyes, the surrounding got calm and silent. The murmur disappeared. Felt like there was no one around. As she opened her eyes, she was right in front of a stone frame covered with red curtain. There was no one around. It was only she and Mohit. Mohit asked her to pull down the curtain from the stone frame.


Purvi agreed and pulled it down. As she did there was release of white dove and pigeons and she saw the carving “PURVI’s – school of dance and arts”. Her name was carved in glitters and it was shining bright and bold. She immediately hugged Mohit and was in joy of happiness. She had tears and it was like never ending. She said, “I don’t know how to thank! We are building our dreams!”. Mohit said, “Purvi, we are not building our dreams. It is there.” He pointed to the building right ahead. There was a light decorated building standing tall and beautiful. It was decorated with flowers and lights. The sunset made it look magical.

Mohit took her to the palace. It was dark inside as they stepped towards door. With every step they kept, the lights turned on.  There was a middle path way in the hall with a capacity of 250 to be seated which became visible with every step they kept.

Every step they kept,

Life found uplift!

The glowing lights,

And the flowery sights,

Heart almost skipped a beat,

For Purvi could not believe her feet.

There was a special arrangement made on stage for Purvi and Mohit. As they both walked towards the stage, the music began and the red and white balloons where dropping down on the floor in controlled pace. Out of three corners on the stage, came out singing “Shree Sisters”. Bhagyashree, Rajashree and Kavyashree were known singers in the state and they began with a love melody. The soothing melody and the chorus from 50 others made the walk of Purvi and Mohit welcoming. As they approached, Mohit took Purvi to the center of the stage and knelt down.

Slowly all the relatives walked inside the hall from all the corners and doors, occupying the seats. Mohit and Purvis parents were on stage on either side.

Mohit looked at Purvi and said, “How lucky I am, to be amidst all my friends and family and witness this moment. Purvi, we will not build our dreams. We will live our dreams. I want your support for every phase of my life. Will you help me live my dreams?”

Purvi was tears, she held Mohit’s hands tight, knelt down too and she said “Mohit, I don’t know the fortune which brings me here, I don’t want a life of riches and luxury, I don’t want a life of complex terms, what I want is, you to be around always, what I want is your love to sink in and around me always, what I want is the love of our parents, what I want is our dance and our school”

Mohit’s mother and Purvi’s mother both took one hand each of Purvi and put a bangle to her hand, one each. Mohit was hugged by both fathers.  Every one clapped. Almost every one is the hall had tears. It was one witnessed moment which no one would forget in the life time.

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10 thoughts on “Thirty Five: Rise of Surprise

  1. What a wonderful wonderful chapter…
    Mohit has thought of everything for Purvi! The doves pigeons were a lovely added touch of romantic!!!!
    Their words to each other so strong & meaningful; I admit I am crying tears of joy reading this Prakash!
    I *bow* to you; it takes ALOT to make me cry!

    Liked by 1 person

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