Five: A Sunday Conversation

Sunday Evening Conversation!

Aakash: “Yaar, I found a kerchief while washing my jeans. Weird. I have been thinking all time along. How did it reach my pocket?”

Sumit: “wait! What did you do with it?”

Aakash: “what else? I threw it out”

Sumit: “Arey Yaar. It was mine. I had placed it in your pocket while on bike. Forgot to tell you”

Aakash: “Saale! I wasted my whole time thinking of it!”

Sumit: “Bhaaaiiii!”

Aakash: “okay. Leave it.”

Sumit: “I need to buy a present. It’s purvi’s birthday tomorrow. Let’s go out.”

Aakash: “Oh ho. What are you planning to buy? A heart???”

Sumit: “Come on! You know we work in same team. And she is just my good friend. Cant I buy a gift for my good friend?”

Aakash: “Then you should buy 2”

Sumit: “2?? For whom is the second one? You?”

Aakash: “Yeps bro.”

Sumit: “whattttt??”

Aakash: “It’s my birthday as well tomorrow bro”

Sumit: “!!!!!”

Aaaksh: “It’s okay bro. I don’t expect any gift. Finding a friend like you here itself a greatest gift for me”

Sumit: “Now, will you make me cry? Rula de tune tho”

Aakash: “Chup be!”

Sumit: “am not buying anything for you.”

Both headed out to market. Sumit purchased a greeting card and a gift after a long search. Gift was a Chinese clay model. They both finished their dinner and headed back to room. On the way purchased a small cake as well.


They had a celebration at 12.oo with other PG friends. Aakash got a few birthday bumps. Sumit got busy calling Purvi. Sumit had a confused midnight event. He had birthday celebration of two of his best friends at the same moment. He was the first wisher to two people at same time, one over room and other over the phone call. And later it was a good night sleep. To Sumit. To Aakash. To Purvi.

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4 thoughts on “Five: A Sunday Conversation

  1. Here to share. I also face the same confusion in the first week of July, to be the first wisher to two people at the same time. Ofc one to a boy and the other to a girl. 🙂

    Excited to read more sir!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Vaishnavi.

      I certainly get that feeling and I am glad you shared.

      Also, This was my very first writing and I was immature back then. Please read ahead with no much expectations. 😛

      This is one of my that writing which I usually do not recommend to read. 😛


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