Forty Eight: Officially Amit

It was a week after marriage. Poorna’s door bell rang and she opened the door. Sumit was standing with his parents. Sumit’s dad stepped ahead and said, Poorna, I am here with my wife and my son, “Amit”.

Poorna did not know how to respond. She welcomed them inside and called her parents. They all sat together in hall. Sumit’s dad said, “I think Amit will speak the rest.”

Sumit said, “Poorna, I could not think of a better way of resolving what I had done. I officially got my name changed to Amit, on certificates and all the official documents that I am responsible for. I want to be the same Amit whom you used to chat with. Give me a chance to prove myself good. I will make sure that for all the pain I gave you, I want to make it up by giving double the happiness.”

Amit asked Poorna, “Will you marry me!??”

Poorna’s mother and father were worried as they had no clue on what is happening. Poorna explained everything. Poorna’s dad said, “Poorna, now you are matured enough to decide the goods and not goods. We leave the decision to you. But we are still angry on you that you have got a tattoo on his name!”

Poorna started laughing. She looked at Amit and his parents and her parents and said, “Tattoo is no more on your name Amit!”

Amit was puzzled. Poorna slowly showed up her shoulders. She had re-tattooed the previous one by prefixing and with a little design as “Sumit”.

Amit started laughing out loud. He was in tears. He said, “You were so confident that I would come back. You don’t know how much this would mean to me. It’s not easy to forgive what I have done.”

Poorna had not expected that things would end in this way. She was happy with the turn life had given her. She had thought she will never be able to forgive him but the same expression had formed out as love.

Amit presented her the ring and they were officially committed. He took her out and said, “Let us leave the rest to our parents”


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2 thoughts on “Forty Eight: Officially Amit

  1. *wipes tears from eyes*
    Poorna had the tattoo altered out of love…that is a BIG deal!
    I am so so so glad Sumit/Amit brought his parents & sorted things out.
    Now he must go have his name redone…a small price to pay for love right Prakash?

    Liked by 1 person

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