Eighteen: Love Affects and Effects

Aakash was on cloud nine. He had a faster heart beat. Could he neither slow his faster heart beat nor stop himself from hugging Anwesha.

He said, “Anwesha, I have always been confused with this decision. I have always hesitated to express this. But today, I am all apparent. My heart and soul is ready to accept you and am no more confused. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Anwesha had tears. A little. She was happy. It was that evening where everything in the world looked beautiful to both of them. Even a paper in dustbin looked great. Life had given them thousand reasons to live and celebrate the beauty. Especially when two good friends commit for life time,

Nights shine,

With a love line.

Days glow,

With a love flow.

Great stuff!

Anwesha continued, you know even my parents know about you and they have accepted you with zero complaints. That’s why my mother gave you all special treatment when you were home. Aakash had goose bumps and he had held Anwesha’s hands tightly as if he is never going to live. Rest of the time they both were quite and looking at each other. Though they hardly spoke, still many conversations were exchanged.

Aaaksh dropped her home, and walked back to his PG. He described everything to Sumit including each and every word on what had happened and they both celebrated! Aakash could not sleep that night. Neither Anwesha.

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2 thoughts on “Eighteen: Love Affects and Effects

  1. What a lovely flow to this chapter! And the little rhyme is so lyrical Prakash! You have captured ‘first love expressed’ so well…
    As I read the story I find myself smiling in understanding…..

    Liked by 1 person

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