Thirty Six: The Celebration

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The evening had turned everyone emotional. Mohit had a new definition of happiness. Purvi cried out of happiness. Aakash, Anwesha and Sumit had experienced so many heart touching moments that they did not exactly know what was keeping them all smiles. Both the families were spreading the happiness. It was a mini world filled with a positive energy, certainly with everything to its peak.

Before the day ended, most of the members of the family and close friends got onto the stage and spoke few words about family, Mohit and Purvi. There was a grand dinner arranged with the entire food specialty from the locality.  The menu was too much to count and too very much even to have a taste. The dinner had a perfect ending with variety of Pan’s supplied!

Just before everyone was about to return back to the room, Mohit’s father had an announcement to make. He went to the center of the dining hall and said,

“From tomorrow, with two more days left for the wedding, we will have some traditional events as well as family events. Tomorrow there is going to be a food fiesta. Both the families are going to cook. The family which serves the best lunch is going to be the winner. There are more rules, which will be announced tomorrow. However, the best food will be decided by the judges. Now, we are going to decide on who will be the judges.”

There was a bowl kept and everyone was asked to write their names on sheet of paper, four fold it and put it inside the bowl. Everyone did so. Mohit’s father announced that he and Purvi’s father will pick a sheet each and they will be the judges. Mohit’s father, took his turn, shuffled all the sheets, he picked one, dropped it down again, picked another, dropped it down again, picked another and announced, “The judge from my side is Sumit”. Every one clapped and Sumit was hell excited. He was dancing with fun. He went to Mohit and whispered in his ears, “Bro, we win tomorrow!”

Next was Purvi’s fathers turn. He shuffled all the sheets and picked up a handful. Dropped a few back, again shuffled them and kept two. Out of two, he randomly dropped one and announced, “The second judge is, Poorna”. Poorna was jumping. You should have seen Sumit’s face when Poorna’s name was announced! Both Sumit and Poorna were called on to the stage and everyone clapped. Sumit was pushing her from his hand to stand far and so was Poorna. Sumit had decided that by any means he has to get Mohit’s family the badge.

There were hugs and good night wishes marking the end of the day.

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2 thoughts on “Thirty Six: The Celebration

  1. What a lovely celebration! I could picture the tables with so much food on them & all the families together united & happy.
    And now a cooking contest with Sumit & Poorna as judges…Fate is having ‘her’ way with these two 😉

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