The Deep Delight

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Photo by: Sean Tan via Unsplash

Overworking overnight, the workers said,
  The sign board said,
“The lake animals lived happily ever after!”   

Tagging for :
– Three Line Tales Week 51 (writing a three line tale for the supplied image)
– Daily post prompt: Overworked

Danger for one, Happiness for another!

21 thoughts on “The Deep Delight

  1. Yesterday when I read it, it was scary. I interpreted it as
    They were exhausted and jumped and became an extension of lake animals and were relieved.
    Today when I re read it, it sounded like not everyone has the stamina and courage to dive in the deep waters of being overworked but those who do it reap the rewards and an escape by being work alcoholic.
    What was in your mind, while you wrote it.
    Maybe I am not good with interpretations.

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    • I knew that I had complicated this while posting. I wanted to mean that,
      workers put a signboard which says, ‘Danger Deep Water’. As there would be no more human interference it would be happily every after for animals in there.

      I really liked your interpretation. Specially the first one. Had never thought in that way. Thank you for the effort you put in twice to understand. 🙂 It means a lot. 🙂

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      • So it’s water world ka DND that you wanted to address
        That an octopus came out and said- boss I need space and that was followed by this one
        Lol ..This one is interesting too, I never thought it this way
        Thanks for the real interpretation.
        Yeah ..exactly in morning I was like bhai ye insan kehna kya chahta hai
        So I thought it’s better to ask you like when we were young and we used to recite the poet wants to say
        So I wanted to know what this one wants to say
        It’s a great post Prakash
        More like an abstract art with three versions now but beautifully crafted indeed
        Have a great day ahead!!

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        • The octopus has thanked you, its legs number of times.. 😀 Exactly! The DND of water world.

          Pleasure is all mine. 😀

          I know I complicate things at times. 😛 It is good in a way that I get to know the readers perspectives.

          Thanks a lot and a great day to you too! 🙂

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  2. that was really clever – combining 2 prompts – and finally a happy take on this 3LT! I am so happy the animals got to live peacefully or could it be that the workers had a hidden agenda? I am the over analyzer, but I was happy for a moment there. Good job!

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