Forty One: Sumit and Amit

Sumit was literally irritated. One reason being Poorna was very much of a torture to him. Secondly, he had high and different expectations when he had seen her first time. He had never experienced so much of irritations before from anyone else, anywhere else. He decided to clear the mess that day evening.

With one more day left to marriage, there were still a hundred rituals. Purvi had her hand colorful and her friends were dancing around her. Purvi called Aakash, Anwesha, and Sumit and told them to prepare for a dance number by next two hours. She also suggested including Poorna to the group and they all happily agreed. Yeah Aakash and Anwesha did. Sumit had crooked smile. Purvi added, “There will be many dances tonight. Small teams are formed and they are all surprises. Don’t practice too much. Synchronize a little and leave the rest to fun. It’s all about dancing the heart out. I and Mohit are performing as well.”

Aakash and Anwesha asked Sumit to call Poorna. Sumit thought this would be a best opportunity to talk to her and luckily she was in her room. He rushed to her room. Poorna was crying. As she saw Sumit, she started crying very loudly.

Sumit had already prepared in his mind on how he is going to shout at her. As he saw her crying, he started thinking is she really crying and is this just one more of her funny acts? He was confused and said to his mind, “God, Why always ME??”. He still made up his mind and went to her and asked “What really happened now? Was it not enough of teasing? If you want to do more, here I am. Slap two or three more and stop stalking me!”

Poorna started crying more loudly and she covered herself in blanket. Sumit said loudly, “Why do I always meet cry babies!?? Firstly, you tortured me. Now you cry? Instead of asking me sorry? You are so mean! Come on slap me? You may even throw me out!”

Poorna, uncovered herself from blanket and said, “Go Away Amit!”. Sumit stood still and shouted back, “Whattt??”.


Sumit had chills running down from his head to toe. His heart had started beating faster. He was feeling nervous. Poorna was still crying!


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