At the Work Table

Lately, when I sit at my work table, amidst all of my unfinished businesses, wait, before I continue with this sentence with already lot many commas, let me go back. I used to have deadlines and then there used to be days which I self-declared as rest days or lazy days. They came in numbers of one or two.  Not the same anymore. I don’t know from where the works keep piling up from and maybe that is why I have started living along than to wait and then live. I know there is a lot if you read between those lines but yes, that is where I was understanding life or was trying to. There is another note-able difference. I have been in love with everything I do and that I don’t, I don’t do.

Lately, when I sit at my work table, amidst all of my unfinished businesses, wait, there is something else as well. There are people who inspire me to get there. Some of them, distant and popular, inspire with their work and feels like a heart to heart talk. Some of them, near and dreadful, inspire on how and what not to be. Aren’t we all supposed to uncover life as we age and mature? Aren’t we all supposed to love more and be more compassionate? Aren’t we all supposed to give more smiles (and love) and less of everything else?

Lately, when I sit at my work table, amidst all of my unfinished businesses, I feel, works can wait. Deadlines can wait as well. All the books I have stacked on my table can’t wait. All the articles I want to read can’t wait. All the travel plans I made can’t wait. All that writing can’t wait. All those plans I made with hyper excitement can’t wait. All those people I plan to meet can’t wait. But Wait! These are my work deadlines!

There is light! beyond and ahead!

I pity everything around that hasn’t matured to understand life yet. But I have no advice. We all live in our own terms and conditions. I have known mine and I plan to abide by them. There is so much more to explore. There is so much more to live for. I don’t know how people find time for everything else that does not make them happy. I want to live moments that make sense. I want to be part of moments that are worthy living for. I want to live for everything that adds value. I am damn lucky to be surrounded by right kind of people.

Wait, I no longer have a work table. It’s a table that vibes happiness. Like a festival every day!

– PH

8 thoughts on “At the Work Table

  1. Wow. This resonated with me. Work is neverending … it could expand to fill all my waking moments. This blog is actually me kicking back against that to do the things I want to do. That I love. There is definitely conflict … the obligations of work, and I love my work too … but we need to feed our soul too.

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  2. My work table sometimes frustrates me. Or I frustrate me!
    And then I am GRATEFUL to be alive another day to so something that needs to be done! 😉
    It’s all in the perspective for me Prakash…..
    Lovely post; you REALLY got me thinking 🙂
    Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum & **purrss** BellaDharma

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