On Your Beam Ends


Its April of 2020 and Day 15 of A to Z challenge. This year, I am doing Metaphors. Be it a movie, song, painting, book, idiom, etc. I plan to give a perspective to it with an explanation and a 8 line poem. 


Metaphor:  On Your Beam Ends

‘On Your Beam Ends’ is a metaphor to indicate a bad situation. A hard up. It basically means that one is to the near end of resources calling for a desperate measure. The phrase was originally used to describe the tilted position of a ship before it capsizes. The first usage of the phrase documented in any form of literature is in 1773 magazine issue named – The Gentleman’s Magazine.

This is one of the metaphors from Nautical Origin. Nautical phrases are those for which the meaning and origin originated at sea (coming from the days of sail). I am using this metaphor in the poem as an alert. 

On the weigh scale,
When one side is the survival,
How does it matter?
What’s on the other!
Surviving for the change,
On my beam ends,
I see that dreams,
Don’t have expiry dates.

When one side does not even close match with other, we easily give up and pick the survival. While being at all this, one is unconditionally alone working towards the desired (in their own closet, on their own).  

Working Out 2019

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There is something distinctive about this day – December 31. Though it’s yet another day, okay, it’s sure not ‘yet another day’. Like we all celebrate our birthdays, individually, this day is like a birthday which everyone wants to celebrate and that is what makes it special. The whole world as a crowd becomes part of it. It’s not about whom we want to dedicate this day. A calendar or earth or goals or life or something that can make to the list, but it’s about the aspirations this day brings.

The celebration takes its ways.

Some dance, fireworks,
Some read, social networks,
Some family, blog, sleep,
Some something else, beep,
A cake, a celebration, a peace.

It does not matter how we welcome. We have our ways and our ways are always the better ones (of-course to us). What possibly and probably really matters is how we wish to see ourselves for future 365 days and how we evaluated ourselves for the past 365 days. We all need metrics. We all need evaluation. Not to rank or measure but to increase the happiness and satisfaction factor. Time will always bring the new but how good was the old to cherish?

Apart from those greetings, wishes and forwards, most of us try to bring out a new version of ourselves and that is what matters. I started having resolutions since 2017 and it has worked for me in most amazing way. Here is what happened in 2018.

Here is what I want to see in 2019:

  • Make atleast 150 general blog posts on itsphblog
  • Post 120 technical blog posts in itsphbytes
  • Read a minimum of 100 research papers and document them
  • Read 20 novels taking up Goodreads Challenge
  • Participate in Camps and NaNoWriMo (Work as ML in November, Camps in April and July)
  • Take A-Z blogging challenge in April
  • Get 20 top posts on IndiBlogger
  • Write 10 ebooks (smashwords)
  • Conduct atleast 5 workshops on various domains (writing to research)
  • Finish 5 new courses
  • Get 5 papers published (with collaborated research)
  • Get hard copy published for ‘i 4 you’ and release ‘things in Nothing’ as ebook.
  • Build atleast 10 workable components for Knit Algorithm
  • Build a better profile for our company – Knit Arena
  • Work in an entrepreneurship environment to get better insights in Hubballi
  • Get a better Coder Portfolio
  • Teach a new course
  • Always try something new, often and more

Walk, Run or Stop, the plan is to ride along 2019.


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Wrapping Up 2018

I had set several goals for 2018 and here is the end result:

  • Make atleast 150 general blog posts – Did only 66
  • Post 120 technical blog posts – Did 100
  • Read a minimum of 150 research papers and document them – I don’t know what went wrong here. I read only 7 out of 150
  • Read 40 novels – Read 10
  • Participate in Camps and NaNoWriMo – Done
  • Take A-Z blogging challenge in April – Done
  • Write 10 ebooks – Did write 1 ebook
  • Finish 10 new courses – None
  • Get published – Did not
  • Progress with research work, measurably – Done
  • Make and keep a strong step in establishing own firm – Started: Knit Arena
  • Always try something new, often and more – Done

I am happy with the way 2018 passed by. There were a lot of things that needed my energy. I did slow up in blogging too in 2018. Hope to make the most of 2019. New Post with 2019 plans Coming Soon!

Voids of Detachment

“The thin lines of thick happiness between attach and detach”

It is not necessary that life has to present us with void giving us the opportunity to fill  up something. At times we stand responsible to create a void.

Life cannot be without the people we care. It’s this attachment that adds meaning to  life. If people change and if that attachment is only bringing the pain, it’s certainly best time to de that attachment. We all have our limits of care. If the person at the other side expects more freedom and that is what the new happiness is, then that is when we give away with it.

This is when we create a void for our self. We cannot keep destroying our self for the  care we do for other. This is one of most difficult forms of void and can easily destroy  one. But that is inevitable and the need. That void is essential.

There is a difference between going to depression and going to void. When in void, one will create a space and find a new love. As an unusual change, loving thyself could be it too. It’s not easy. Certainly not. But it is the inevitable. It’s not easy doing a work solely for self satisfaction, with no expectations of some one’s appreciation. It’s not impossible as well. Anyone who says is doing it, is not actually doing it. Self Satisfaction things are mostly unsaid and unknown.

If there is no one ready to accompany for a movie, then it’s not about complaining, it’s about watching something else reachable or going alone. A popcorn or cold drink is always a best company. We are not here to force an idea. We are here to find the other who would agree to our idea of fun. The inner acceptance of this reality is the actual idea of fun.

Have you ever got a cake for yourself on your birthday when you knew no one else would possibly get it? Or when you just wanted your favorite cake for your birthday? Nothing can stop one being happy on one’s own birthday. It’s these little things of pleasure that eventually makes the life beautiful. Be in it.

Welcome the void!

More at: The Void

Ahoy Matey, 2018!

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New Year is always a happy one to the near, dear and beer ones.


Image Credits: Swati Bhagwat

It might look like yet another routine day but it isn’t. It’s the day where the inner self has agreed to change for the healthier good and give a renewed start. It’s the belief that “Whatever sucked yesterday, might not suck tomorrow and today needs that something to be done.” It’s time to get bigger milestones.

Announcing the goals is the first step of making sure that you are going to stick to it. Here is for the better and grand start. Cheers!

Goals for 2018:

  • Make atleast 150 general blog posts
  • Post 120 technical blog posts
  • Read a minimum of 150 research papers and document them
  • Read 40 novels
  • Participate in Camps and NaNoWriMo
  • Take A-Z blogging challenge in April
  • Write 10 ebooks
  • Finish 10 new courses
  • Get published
  • Progress with research work, measurably.
  • Make and keep a strong step in establishing own firm
  • Always try something new, often and more

I started my new year by taking the Goodreads challenge of 40 books. Off to pick and start my first book!


And most important of all,

Happy We,
New us,
Year 2018. 
* Greetings *

The Way I See It!

Indian Bloggers

From this May I have started guest blogging on Racing Against Time, blog run by Jyotirmoy Sarkar. Thank you so much Jyotirmoy for this opportunity. This is fun.  The plan is to do two poems per month.

The first one was posted on May 14 titled: The Way I See It.

I am also sharing the poem here:

They said,
It is a chaos.
Crowded confusion,
Mixed variation,
Hurdles for solution,
Struggling resolutions.
But I see a,
Celebration of mess.

They said,
It is a struggle.
Smiles and cries,
Unsaid sacrifices,
Goals and more,
Never ending sea shore.
But I see a,
Celebration of Life.

He has an awesome blog out there. Do reach out!

The Bucketlist

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What are the 10 things you want to do before you die?indispire

Written for IndiSpire Edition 58. 

I wanted to do this post with possible detail. It could serve as inspiration for many years coming ahead. At first I thought ten is a great number to list out. Then, I felt for all the years we live, ten is indeed a small number. I have divided them into cluster of two. One is my unique set of to-do list. Other is the common one, which everyone should do. I have supported each of them with a haiku.

The five of its unique kind

One: The Research.

I am pschoolboy with open book on white background. Isolated 3D imageursuing my PhD and I don’t know where it is taking me. I know research is all about living the hectic and loving it. I know it’s not about getting a thesis done and it’s about how is my work going to bring the change. Even if I finish it only with a thesis officially, I would still work until that day, where I rejoice that I have done what I intended.

research is a search,
which only you can stop, as,
only you know it’s there.

Two: The Book
There is a text book which I had initiated few years ago. I know it takes a hell lot of time to bring something out in its perfection. One day it is going to be out there – “C the Data Structures”.

as the pages turn,bl-02-book
the excitement increases,
i have got the book.

Three: The Institute

It’s the dream institute which I always think of. There is no proper structure framed yet. But it is going to teach. Still not clear in what way and how. I hope my research work will help me to frame it.

realize the dreams,
display it out, live it out,
the dream institute.

Four: The Country

Visit a few countries and explore the food and culture. Being explored with most partsbl-04-country of India, yet many remain as well. I want to build a documentary with data, pictures and videos I have collected.  Visiting reputed universities worldwide is part of the plan as well.

learn the food, culture,
appreciate the existence,
say hi to countries.

Five: The Languages


Learn at-least five national languages and international languages. Music from different culture is what motivates me to do this!

emotions and words,

the variety languages,
the sweetness around.

The five of it’s every own kind

Six: The Novels
I want to write atleast twenty novels in my life time. One is already completed and two more are on bl-06-novelsgo. With time, I have learnt to mould every episode with perfection. My first earning was through writing an article for local newspaper. And one day I want my novel to be published in episodes.

words take the meaning,
as i pen down sentences,
adding colors to page.

Seven: The Pets
Currently it’s limited only to dogs and cats, a few of them. I want to increase with variety and number and have animals around. They somehow give incredible happiness when they are around. Pets are must in one’s life.

they support at joy,
they support at sorrow,
they, pets are all mine.

 Eight: The Helps
bl-08-helpWant to have an association which will help the needy. May it be taking care of poor or financially supporting for education, physically disabled or any sort of help. Possibly jointly run in collaboration with many.

Someone’s cry for help,
may turn to joy and bliss,
needs just a care, smile.

Nine: The Library
I already have around thousand books of all variety of kinds. Want to turn one of my rooms to a mini library. Have books of all kinds and one shelf with my favorite collection. It is such a pleasure to look at the collection and keep revisiting the favorites.

the pages of story,
the books on my shelf gathered,
the pages of glory.

Ten: The Courses

bl-10-libraryFrom biology to chemistry, from blogging to music, from social to scientific, learn and complete as many courses as possible. Have already completed many and have certificates but compare to the list avail in world, it is merely less.

learn from the corners,
the absolute take away,
learn from every nook.

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