NaNoWriMo 2022

I have been part of NaNoWriMo since 2016 and have grown in every aspect since then. I love the community we have at ASIA :: India. Since 2017 I have been contributing to the project as ML for India and be an aid in possible ways I can.

If you are new to NaNoWriMo, its about people all around the world getting together to write their Novel. We write 50K in the month of November. As there is an active community supporting each other, the month has its own magic. Everything impossible gets done in the month of November. I will be hosting sprints everyday from 6.30 to 7.30 pm.

I am already excited for my this years novel titled – ‘Love is not Everything’. I have an interesting premise and I hope it will remain so by end of the month and also have its own logical conclusion. Have you been writing? Do you need a company?


At the Work Table

Lately, when I sit at my work table, amidst all of my unfinished businesses, wait, before I continue with this sentence with already lot many commas, let me go back. I used to have deadlines and then there used to be days which I self-declared as rest days or lazy days. They came in numbers of one or two.  Not the same anymore. I don’t know from where the works keep piling up from and maybe that is why I have started living along than to wait and then live. I know there is a lot if you read between those lines but yes, that is where I was understanding life or was trying to. There is another note-able difference. I have been in love with everything I do and that I don’t, I don’t do.

Lately, when I sit at my work table, amidst all of my unfinished businesses, wait, there is something else as well. There are people who inspire me to get there. Some of them, distant and popular, inspire with their work and feels like a heart to heart talk. Some of them, near and dreadful, inspire on how and what not to be. Aren’t we all supposed to uncover life as we age and mature? Aren’t we all supposed to love more and be more compassionate? Aren’t we all supposed to give more smiles (and love) and less of everything else?

Lately, when I sit at my work table, amidst all of my unfinished businesses, I feel, works can wait. Deadlines can wait as well. All the books I have stacked on my table can’t wait. All the articles I want to read can’t wait. All the travel plans I made can’t wait. All that writing can’t wait. All those plans I made with hyper excitement can’t wait. All those people I plan to meet can’t wait. But Wait! These are my work deadlines!

There is light! beyond and ahead!

I pity everything around that hasn’t matured to understand life yet. But I have no advice. We all live in our own terms and conditions. I have known mine and I plan to abide by them. There is so much more to explore. There is so much more to live for. I don’t know how people find time for everything else that does not make them happy. I want to live moments that make sense. I want to be part of moments that are worthy living for. I want to live for everything that adds value. I am damn lucky to be surrounded by right kind of people.

Wait, I no longer have a work table. It’s a table that vibes happiness. Like a festival every day!

– PH

October Carnival 2022

I have been doing monthly resolutions this year and so far has been satisfying.

Do we need to reason for everything we do or feel? Not right!? My inner feelings holler me that this October will be the best of 2022, by far. I guess it’s the festivals and the holidays that make me feel so. Maybe that or maybe not and it’s also good to have positive vibes. Here are my goals for the month.


Personal Writing:
Plot and sketch the layouts for the novel – Love is Not Everything. This is my prep for NaNoWriMo 2022. I think I have an amazing plot (that I always do and I guess every writer is evidently supposed to feel that). I only want to have the outlines for now and the rest I believe will flow with words.

Research Thesis:
Write 20K more words for the survey thesis. Include and contribute to all chapters and also create new chapters.

Seminar Course Work:
Produce at-least a 100 page literature on how social problem scenarios can be used for problem based learning. This has to be completed before October 6 and presented for approval.,

Indian Relics:
Formulate and advance on the collaborated work with ideas, conflict and at-least 10 pages of work. Area of work is time and space.

White Paper on MSME:
Complete and submit the white paper for the contest. Have more surveys done. Around 7k words with proper design aspects is the aim.

Research Paper Writing:
Okay, this is a long list. I plan to do my best. Some are preparations for November deadline and some are for October itself. ‘WIP’ is a work-in-progress draft and ‘Submission’ is name-wise.

  • Submit three camera ready versions for ADSSS (Submission)
  • One completed submission to IEEE (Submission)
  • Three ready first drafts for IEEE – REU (WIP)
  • Two first drafts for MIT (WIP)
  • One first draft for JEE (WIP)
  • One completed guest editorial for JEE (Submission)
  • One SLR paper – initial works (WIP)
  • Guest Editorial article for SEE (Submission)

Blog Posts and Shorts:

  • Write at least 2 technical blog posts
  • Write at least 10 general blog posts
  • Write at least 10 poems on Instagram

Others Goals

  • Complete reading at least 4 novels, three on writing helps
  • All above mentioned writing would need ample reading which I suppose cannot be quantified
  • Visit at least 4 new places and travel more
  • Be a host and conduct at least 2 workshops
  • Makes notes for research methodology course
  • Complete two MOOC courses relating to PBL

My end goal is to live more and be more present. I don’t know what that ‘more’ means but I will certainly do my best. We all can have our own definitions. And I know October has a lot of writing and I believe it is for the best.

I already had a fulfilling and productive day 1 and hoping the same for rest of the month.

September 2022, Period.

I am having monthly resolutions this year and the way August ended, and as I had claimed, I am still in September Blues. I wanted to surprise myself for the second fortnight of September and I pretty much did. All of my blog posts this month were inspired by the travel which I did spanning August and September. I resumed back blogging (increased frequency of posts) and it feels good. Writing is a medicine is almost everything.

There was lot of writing and reading from general writings to research articles. I am pretty sure I have crossed more than 2 lakh words this month. More. Definitely more. Well, let me give the other highlights:

  • Purchased and started reading three books to improve my writing and editing skills
  • Watched some amazing movies that inspired me to do and be better
  • Was invited as a guest speaker for a workshop and I kept smiling the whole day and the next (Well, got invited for another next month, so I assume I did good)
  • Birthdays of my personal favorites (wife, son and a friend) – most of it had outside lunch/dinner
  • Spent more than 15 hours in cafes and outdoors for research
  • Bunked all the useless meetings at work (I am so proud of it)
  • Had many Eureka moments in my research journey
  • Spent most of my time with people I love and doing things that are close to me
  • And of course a few others that I am keeping to myself!

Well, I am excited for what October has in its bucket. What do I next do? I have a white paper deadline. Once I submit that, I plan to make some insane plans for October.

A Mentor, A Friend

Everybody needs a mentor. With reverse learning and the current affairs, one, it’s hard to find a good one because every individual has specific needs and two, mentor is also a friend or eventually becomes one. We all learn from each other and that is the beauty of current generation. I don’t know where to draw the line as it all seems blurry. So, I believe, it is better not to draw the line and be accepting to the acts that play around. Be it professional work or the hobby endeavors I must say I have been lucky in several aspects. My count of good mentors and friends is a lot more than the otherwise. Eventually being friends within the spaces we create, I have been guided and put through proper direction to move ahead.

I have been part of NaNoWriMo community since six years now and it has helped me ace my writing undertakings, methodically with an amazing support from my team. As it’s a virtual event and we are spread across different parts of India, our interactions are usually online. The three of us who have been managing event every November in India from last 3 years are in different states, hundreds of miles apart. Please check out the community if you are into writing and need a company.


I recently got an opportunity to meet one of my co-ml (municipal liaison) who resides in Mumbai. Sonia Rao has been handling this event more than a decade now. Over time I have had a lot of learning’s from her. I was lucky enough to be invited for lunch and it felt like a meet of two friends who knew each other from decades. There was delicious food and as much more delicious conversations (my taste buds even today converse about the Thai curry, as much my mind reminds me of our conversations). Well, apart from writing, we talked about everything that has to do with writing. I am already in love with Mumbai and this only increased it, more and more-er. I also returned with lot of goodies and chocolates.  I know there is a lot more of us in the bundles of the future.

I know, right!? I am blessed!  

September Blues

It’s been seven days already and I am still recovering from August. Looks like I will be having blues all through September. August was crazy beautiful. I was never this messed up before. One big happy mess-up! My routines including the sleep cycles were messed up. It was messed up because I did almost everything from my Book of August. I don’t think a systematic plan would have worked for what I had last month. It demanded me to be maniac and I was happy to be one. I am not sure where I got all that energy from, but had them while I needed the most. I loved my fortnight where I had mostly three to four hours sleep everyday (and not that it was a comfortable one). While somedays the bed was train berth, at other it was a chair and some other days it was a tiny bus seat. There has never been more beautiful days – I assure.

Let me get back to the business. Considering the wrapping up I got to do (which also includes sleep recovery) and give a logical end to everything that had a beginning, I am sure it will take my first fifteen days. For the remaining fifteen, I want to surprise myself.

Can that be a resolution? Why not? Right? I am going to leave September there and also allow the month to surprise me. I am open to the month. A ‘yes’ for mostly everything. That’s the plan. By the way, I have a lot of writing and reading to do, nothing new and surprising there!

Book of August

Guess who lived their July madly, crazily and wow-ly (is that a word?)? I had my July Resolutions and it did go pretty well. Other than 3 major research reviews and lots of reading for internship as planned, taking a 4 days road trip was a major highlight. I missed a few goals but no regrets what-so-ever. There is also something exciting new which I started that I absolutely don’t want to talk about. Let’s just say and agree that days have been amazing and rains complimented the most. Also, I don’t remember how many movies I watched in theatre. Well, its 1st of August and I am excited as never before. Why? you might ask. Here:

1. Complete the 31 days 31 movies challenge

2. Complete the internship document – 100 pages

3. Write and submit 8 research papers

4. Complete and make AGC publish ready. I believe Aug is the month! My heart tells me – it will turn into an soulful master-piece.

5. Complete 1 MOOC course on coursera

6. Read and complete 3 novels

7. Visit 4 places (One of it has to be marine drive, another – a day in writers café)

8. Get a tattoo

9. Venture into something new and complete it successfully (already in my mind)

10. Live life more (Well, this is my high priority)

Running away for now. August has lot of promises to keep up to!

8th Anniversary

WordPress reminds me that its my 8th anniversary today! I remember starting the blog as an escape from research hectic schedules in 2014. I have come a long way since then and now, this is sure my happy place. I can see my stats – 725 posts, 103 pages and 15,210 comments. And also 133,073 hits. I know its not bad.

Celebrations! To writing and happiness! and also I want to commit that I will write more. I will try my best, surely.

July Rains

I also hope I have resolution rains. Though it gets messy, I love the rainy season for it has a goody feel. I have completed my 4 weeks of internship in June and there is still a lot to go. I want to continue my reading theme for July, the one I started in June. I had several unexpected presentation and also a PhD interview (It went amazing by the way). I am revisiting my June resolutions with do-able modifications. The ones that were in June and not here are the ones that I completed (6.4 and 6.7).


7.1 Complete reading at least seven novels (target is more than 5000 pages)

(I only did like 100 pages in June)

7.2 Read more than 200 research papers on problem-based learning

(Could complete around 70 in June)

7.3 Complete the 11-week internship tasks rolled out

(Could complete of around 6 weeks and more)

7.4 Write a mini-thesis of 200 pages

(Completed 30 pages in June)

7.5 Complete 3 MOOC courses on Coursera

7.6 Write at least 7 research papers

7.7 Complete camp NaNoWriMo (Editing of AGC)

7.8 Take at least three trips and more, and live most moments

I am sure the July version of me will be a lot messed up (Oh, I am! ) A happy mess-up.

More May’s in June?

While I closed my Project May on a happy note, indeed a very happy note, it’s already day five of June. I took a break on the first day of June just to wrap my head around and look back on how the month had passed. I mean it when I say that there have been days in May where I have over-lived. Sleep did not matter, nor did many other things, and I looked forward to each day and night. My Project-May diary dances out with pictures and memories in every resemblance to happily-ever-after stories.

My workplace has planned an internship for me of 11 weeks which started on 2 June. I have been given a set of objectives to be completed with weekly deadlines. I plan to complete my 11 weeks of work in 4 weeks and then challenge the team with more work. Well, here are my resolutions for the month June. I have one theme for this month, and it will be ‘Reading’. I want to read through June as much as an average person reads in a year.


6.1 Complete reading at least seven novels (target is more than 5000 pages)

6.2 Read more than 200 research papers on problem-based learning

6.3 Complete the 11-week internship tasks rolled out

6.4 Run a four-day course on Model Thinking

6.5 Write a mini-thesis of 100 pages

6.6 Complete 3 MOOC courses

6.7 Host a session on conducting a literature survey

6.8 Write the first drafts of at least 10 research papers

I am sure the July version of me will be a lot messed up! A happy mess-up.