Winding Up 2017


It was for the first time I had Resolutions in 2017 and it sure did not suck. May be for the reason that they were not actually resolutions, instead were a plan of action. Yes, I did not meet them all, but, Satisfactory? Hell yeah! Here is quick summary post of the list and yes, all this along with professionally tied works!


1. The More Bucket:

1.1 General Blog posts:
The plan was to have 120 blog posts and ended up with 149 (including this). I know you all agree that blogging is definitely fun!

1.2 Reading Novels:
The plan was to stop at 12 and could not. It went to 20. The Year in Goodreads sums it all. Touched a lot of classics and definitely made my year.


2. The Equal Bucket:

2.1 Technical Blog Posts:
120 was the goal and 120 it is! Questioning the quality of posts, I agree they were not to the expectation and got to improve.  They will in 2018.


3. The Less Bucket:

3.1 Reading Research Papers:
The plan was 120 and I could go till 86. I still consider that as a good number but 120 should have not been difficult to achieve.

3.2 Coursera Courses:
Was supposed to complete 10 but the model changed and most of the courses were no longer free. Now the model also has a subscription fee as well. I could only manage to complete 3 courses this year. However overall I have managed to complete 31 by far.

3.3 Writing Ebooks:
07 out of 12 were completed and 03 are work-in-progress. I missed on this one badly. 100 Haiku , See, Say, Market Recommendations , Poem Shop , A to Z – Poem for an Idiom , The Web Circular , The Void and Hashing are the published ones.


Others that made the Year memorable:

Apart from winning few prizes in the contests, getting a poem published in an anthology and teaching a class of super enthusiastic students, here are other things that kept me happy through the year:

  • Completing A to Z challenge in the month of April
  • Completing Two NaNo camps (April and July)
  • Working as a ML for NaNoWriMo India (November)
  • 4 version releases of my research work
  • My NaNoWriMo 2016 novel went through the first editorial review and I still have hopes of getting it published
  • Completing most of my technical text book
  • An hour long exercise everyday (with a break on sundays and when sick!)


It’s been an year which I am thankful about and to a lot of people as well! A year that has given me hopes that much better things can happen in 2018. I am going to set my goals high and better.


Talking of Books and 2017

Yayy!  and here is why!


I know 20 is lot less but with the workload and things that go into my plate, I am pretty excited to complete my Goodreads 2017 challenge.

Here is how I am going to put the 20 into different buckets!

Bucket 01: The Top-Notch – Exceptionally good


Bucket 02: The Gems – loved and enjoyed reading them

Bucket 03: The good good reads

Bucket 04: The good reads

Bucket 05: Could have ignored them!

Well, I have decided to double the number for 2018 and I am already excited.

We all have our own interests and reading habits with respect to books and genres. If your classification matches mine, I would sure love to hear some recommendations.

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2017 – Mid Year Resolutions Review

I had started this year with a set of resolutions (for the first time, else never believed in them!) with some targets per month as stated in the Reboot, Restart and Resume. Its 2017.  Its been six months and here is how things stand/sleep!

1. Read atleast 10 research papers per month
Yes. I have 60 papers read so far and the summary of each neatly stacked up in the form of a presentation. Things are pretty systematically organized into categories and as well the print versions filed (Was way too geeky).

2. Complete reading atleast one novel per month
Here goes the list. Jan and June was my favorite!
Jan: The Great Gatsby
Feb: The Martian
Mar: Before the Fall
Apr: When Breath Becomes Air
May: Mock, Stalk and Quarrel
June: The Forty Rules of Love

3. Write and publish one ebook per month (technical or non technical)
Here is the list of published ebooks:
Jan: 100 Haiku
Feb: See, Say, Market Recommendations
Mar: Poem Shop
Apr: A to Z – Poem for an Idiom
May: The Web Circular
June: The Void

4. Exactly 10 blog posts per month on my technical blog: PH Bytes
I have been loving this Archive. It’s been ten per month. Exactly. This far.


5. Finish 10 more courses on Coursera
Completed 3 so far. 7 more to go. One was 3 months long and ate a lot of my stamina!

6. Make a significant progress in research
Had three releases of the work this year already.  Progress has been much better. It’s atleast 50% complete.
Ver. 0.3
Ver. 0.2
Ver. 0.1

7.  Try to work on technology to bring the actual social life in society order
My whole of research work is on that. Working towards it. Maybe.

8. Be open to do something new and interesting
I am not sure how many would qualify but there were many new things and first times that happened: Entering competitions, Camp NaNoWriMo April, A to Z Challenge, Submitted first novel draft to publisher which is still under review, Anthology publications, Reading challenges, Cooking inventions etc.

9. Complete the text book being written on “Data Structures” 
Progress is good. Hope to complete by year end.

10. At least 10 blog posts per month on this blog
Yes. April had highest because of A to Z Challenge. This month, I finish my 10th post with this one!

There I go, with smiles!
We have completed six months of 2017. That went pretty quick.

A to Z Challenge 2017 – Reflections

Indian Bloggers

May 8th is the official day to do the reflections post for the A to Z challenge and I have patiently waited for this day.

survivor-atoz [2017] v1

This is the first year I did A to Z Challenge and ask me not how happy I was and I am. It was A to Z of joy! My theme for the challenge was Idiom a day and an 8 line poem for it. I would like to sum up the same way in the reflections post.

Idiom: Happy Camper

Meaning: to be content or satisfied with what is happening in the life and to have no complaints

Pick an idiom for the day,
Look out what it has to say,
Then the thoughts rhyme and mix,
Poem gets the words all fix,
Happy comments all around,
Thank you’s, wishes, gather and surround,
Isn’t it a lucky bumper,
A to Z, a happy camper.

My heartfelt thanks to all who followed my challenge posts throughout the month. Your presence, likes, comments and thoughts made this challenge more satisfying and healthy.  

I have put all the challenges together in a page here: A to Z Challenge 2017

Also made an ebook putting them all together which can be downloaded here: A to Z – Poem for an Idiom

A to Z - LR

Reboot, Restart and Resume. Its 2017.

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Let me assure that it’s not a regular ‘new year new me crap’! Its 2017, so it’s advanced ‘new year new me shit!’ It already made my day when my partying not so sober friend wished me “Happy Nude Rear ” and all I could do was to laugh, convey thanks and wish him the same.

I like this day as it puts everyone together. Those who want to welcome it with party, with a cake cut, with family, with books, with sleep or whatever to rest the case. Most importantly, it is like that much needed energy drink which can boost the energy levels. Apart from those regular wishes and forwards, most of us try to bring out a new version of our self atleast for the first few days, which is definitely substantial.

Reboot, Restart, Resume. Its 2017!

I know the thoughts are old and though it is yet another regular day, a new year kind of refreshes it. It’s like crossing a larger milestone and evaluating on what really needs a flush (reboot), what needs to be given a fresh start (restart) and what needs to be continued (resume). It’s the happy hope of leaving behind one year, only to welcome a much better one ahead. It’s about taking time and syncing our mentality to something new and fresh.

I am not a person who generally believes in resolutions. But this year I want to have them. They are not resolutions per say, rather more like aspirations. And I believe that making an announcement always helps in sticking to it.

I am going to follow this unless there is an extreme condition that flags okay to miss and most importantly, all this along with personal commitments!

  • At least 10 blog posts per month on this blog
  • Exactly 10 blog posts per month on my technical blog: PH Bytes
  • Read atleast 10 research papers per month
  • Complete reading atleast one novel per month (started with The Great Gatsby for this month)
  • Write and publish one ebook per month (technical or non technical. Many to join this list: EBOOKS)
  • Complete the text book I am writing on data structures (It is 200+ pages for now)
  • Finish 10 more courses on coursera (I have 28 completed so far)
  • Make a significant progress in research (Its 30% completed now)
  • Try to work on technology to bring the actual social life in society order
  • Be open to do something new and interesting

Yes, we are getting older and that only means that it’s high time to dream and realize all that makes this living meaningful.

Let us tune into the beats of 2017. It’s new! Greetings!