55 thoughts on “Fatherhood, Love and Liability

  1. Incredible Parkash… and thank you for being such a wonderful father.. Honestly this is what everylife wife longs for in her husband.. your wife and baby is indeed blessed.. God bless u.. Please be with them always.. Hats off to you… u r now my role model..

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  2. A lot gets written about mothers and I feel it is a bit unfair. I have seen how my husband was and is around our kids and the bond is simply amazing!
    Loved your article Prakash. It brought back some memories of our own. Happy New Year!

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  3. Loved this. I think it is wonderful that you are alongside your wife for this journey. Being a parent is hard work and can be exhausting but…..the rewards are tremendous. And the love….you mention that…the love is central to all.

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  4. Fatherhood portrayed very well…. loved the way you had mentioned what a wife needs… enjoyed and loved reading it. Congrats ( even though its late ) on becoming a dad! That’s the best feeling and glad you are experiencing it . Happy new year πŸ™‚

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  5. Happy to see this coming from a Father. Not every Father has a power to express his views. I am glad you did and you did it beautifully. Have a happy parenting. Its my first time on your Blog and I am happy.

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