The Poops and the Presentation

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The Designer Poop
Little do the goats know that its poop decorates the street it takes, like designer balls hanging along with window curtains.  The thing is, in the run of life we all leave the poop and it is not necessary that it got to stink. Life isn’t stationary and it isn’t specific either and so are the poop-y issues. Without getting lost in the messy definitions of life, let’s learn to celebrate the poop.

The Environment
Complicating unwanted life issues however simple it is though has been one of the human’s innate talent. We always like some extra toppings on whatever that melts or solidifies.  Let’s not forget to mention the credits for our near and dear ones, neighbors and unwanted other spam crowd who come and add some spicy bits contributing more deliciousness to our personal life issues.

The Mocktail Invention
But, be kind, like an animal that can’t make a speech. Enjoy the dish you are boiling, whipping, drying, toasting, roasting and make sure that the poop from that is a non stinky dish. Now we know that it is impossible to have a non smelly poop and it is called so for a reason. But there lies the invention test!  Making the outcomes of our life issues smell bad is like wearing our own socks covering head to neck. The stench can be concealed and decorated with a silver foil, perfumes, etc to offer our life lessons in the most presentable way. What I want to say is, it’s okay to cry behind the scene while we make and present a mocktail out of our tears in the foreground.

Presentation Matters
People are attracted to good looking things no matter how bad the taste is. Or put it the other way round, we have taste buds to pretty much swallow anything of any kind. The gist here is the lesson to learn from goats poop. Presentation matters! Are you concerned about the ones who announce, ‘It’s still a Poop!’?? Now that, I mean that does not matter. We can be deaf to those as they are the ones who are going to say for ‘anything in the world’ because it is you!

Mark my philosophy, it will help. If not, well, poop it is!

Note – This post is put together for the following prompts:

The daily post prompt: Specific

Indispire edition number 151.
The prompt says: Pick up the book you are reading and from the 12th page, choose a word and use it as a prompt to write your next post. Try to relate it in some way to the twelve months of the New Year. Don’t forget to tell the name of the book to your readers. #TwelveMonths. 
I have been reading the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. From 12th page I have picked the sentence: “The only completely stationary object in the room was an enormous couch on which two young women were buoyed up as though upon an anchored balloon”. And from that stationary as my word. I have added a quote using months.

I have been doing a WordPress course  on ‘Shaping Your Story‘. This is assignment for week two: Intros and Hooks. More details can be found HERE.

Important Note:

This post is a make over of a chapter from my ebook: Run – The Secret Destination. The book is a FREE download and can be found HERE.


24 thoughts on “The Poops and the Presentation

  1. enjoying the book, here are the most common words in it:

    > 245x: the    to    a      is    and
    > 137x: it     we    of     that  you
    > 109x: not    in    run    i     be
    > 87 x: have   this  are    for
    > 82 x: its    there secret ph    destinationrun
    > 57 x: about  one   if     will  with
    > 50 x: they   can   all    has   out
    > 42 x: on     our   was    which things
    > 36 x: do     or    an     us    so
    > 34 x: too    life  who    what  like how     as
    > 29 x: people make  dont   just  more
    > 27 x: no     need  from   been
    > 26 x: way    then  lot    know  good
    > 24 x: might  at    your   time  some me
    > 21 x: world  want  day    book  them someone mind
    > 19 x: very   only  but    would much few
    > 17 x: my     kind  lets   when  than

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  2. Just finished reading it 🙂 Extremely impressed with your wisdom and conversational style narrative. Well done! Also, I am forcing my sister to read it now 🙂

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  3. Very creative and engaging
    If this article were a poop it would smell an enchanting perfume
    If it were a tear from that mocktail it would be a pearl

    It’s important to poop daily and pour your heart out to make it not stink
    It’s important to cry your heart out so that the saline inside the vessel doesn’t make pure water seem unhealthy like sea water

    As of people pooping and bitching around just give them a tissue paper once in a while and they are responsible for their own poop so why care

    Lemme know if I misinterpreted your metaphors

    Good read!!

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