We Never Really Grow Up

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‘Someone’ from the sky who was representation of the positive energy decided to pick a random human being, single out some of his memory threads and see the behavior through the existential journey.

‘Someone’ was caught by a group of people who were having a conversation at a funeral discussing, “He was such a matured soul!” ‘Someone’ had found its subject and started picking out some of the heaviest memory threads from his timeline to monitor his thoughts from random periods of time.


The Thought Threads
During his school days, he used to stand in front of a mirror and converse with himself asking some common question. “Why am I so thin? Why am I not like everyone else, normal? Why am I of so much shy nature? Why does everyone make fun of me at school?” There were no answers. There was a pair of eyes which gestured through tears running down the cheeks.

Walking back to home from the high school he constantly used to have one question in his mind, “What is wrong with me?”

Long past the midnight, strong breeze of freezing air particles and he has packed himself inside a thick blanket. All he thinks about is his lonely college life. He is happy. He talks with minimal people and there is no one to bully.

The degree days has turned to golden days with the perfect blend of smiles and cries. He has learnt to live through all emotions. Some tougher decisions to make but studies have taken the priority. Learnt to live with people and take the comments smilingly.

He has understood that everyone is born with deficiency. Life is about what we celebrate. If we opt to celebrate the negativity, we all are going to crib throughout the life. Instead, if we embrace the talent, no one will care the deficiency. He thinks he is growing up.

He has learnt to solve the problems, one by one, with patience. No matter how hectic is the schedule; he had learnt not to complain.

He has started living a life of his dreams. He has a perfect family because he has his own definition of perfection. His work and personal life gives him a sleep of satisfaction every single day.

He has lived among so many negative people and still thrived and extracted only positive vibes out of them. He knows he will have to stay and dwell with the bad ones and still keep his sanity intact. He thinks he is finally growing up and being mature. Yes. He understands life.

He understands life is to ignore. Why should he care about what people would think if he wears his choice of dress to a function? He has a refined definition of maturity.

He understands that life is going to be with problems. He cannot solve them all.  We solve as much as we can and then carry the rest along. Life is still about waking up with satisfaction every single day.

He learns that we never really grow up! He has understood his mind and heart that, he will never understand it.


The Celebration
That ‘Someone’ was in celebration. The joy was jumping in infinite skies. ‘Someone’ had realized that it was his own funeral.

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The Habitual Eye for I

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When I say ‘nothing’, it could mean there is ‘everything’ that is, but still ‘nothing’ or in fact there is actually ‘nothing’. 


 I, eye, I don’t believe in what I see, though I see it. It’s like you have paid attention to one hour speech and when you try to comprehend, you discover that there was nothing worth take way in it. What it leaves behind is you wondering how the presenter managed to speak for an hour with a zilch.

You see the four words below?
Eye, Yam, Ede, Yet

It’s not actually what you see. Read it fast repeatedly and you will realize what actually it means. Did you see? So why, when people say, ‘Seeing is believing’, I go brrruuuahhh!

I feel pity for those who endeavor for perfections. It is good to have them for petite deadline routines but life as perfection, Are you kidding? Life is gorgeous with imperfections. Life needs to welcome a lot of unexpected things and only an imperfect soul can find beauty in it. Life crazily varies from the line of perfection reaching under as well as over.  The message is to stop looking and visualizing for perfections. If routines become boring then one has to change the way to do them rather than finishing them in hurry.

passion, loyalty,
pull everything from inside,
pathway, to stand out.

My every dark circle enlightens a story. Here are some one liner suggestions to everyone. What you see, is exactly what it means, unlike a few cases.

Inside the Box
Thinking inside-the-box is the solution when everyone else is thinking out-of-the-box.

Terms and Conditions
Doing it our way is the uniqueness, for we all are created on our own terms and conditions.

Stand Out
Standing out is everything about pulling out everything from inside.

The Switch
The game is always on. We just need the right switch to be triggered.

Pebbles of Glow
After-all, the game is all about finding the pebbles of glow!


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The Poops and the Presentation

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The Designer Poop
Little do the goats know that its poop decorates the street it takes, like designer balls hanging along with window curtains.  The thing is, in the run of life we all leave the poop and it is not necessary that it got to stink. Life isn’t stationary and it isn’t specific either and so are the poop-y issues. Without getting lost in the messy definitions of life, let’s learn to celebrate the poop.

The Environment
Complicating unwanted life issues however simple it is though has been one of the human’s innate talent. We always like some extra toppings on whatever that melts or solidifies.  Let’s not forget to mention the credits for our near and dear ones, neighbors and unwanted other spam crowd who come and add some spicy bits contributing more deliciousness to our personal life issues.

The Mocktail Invention
But, be kind, like an animal that can’t make a speech. Enjoy the dish you are boiling, whipping, drying, toasting, roasting and make sure that the poop from that is a non stinky dish. Now we know that it is impossible to have a non smelly poop and it is called so for a reason. But there lies the invention test!  Making the outcomes of our life issues smell bad is like wearing our own socks covering head to neck. The stench can be concealed and decorated with a silver foil, perfumes, etc to offer our life lessons in the most presentable way. What I want to say is, it’s okay to cry behind the scene while we make and present a mocktail out of our tears in the foreground.

Presentation Matters
People are attracted to good looking things no matter how bad the taste is. Or put it the other way round, we have taste buds to pretty much swallow anything of any kind. The gist here is the lesson to learn from goats poop. Presentation matters! Are you concerned about the ones who announce, ‘It’s still a Poop!’?? Now that, I mean that does not matter. We can be deaf to those as they are the ones who are going to say for ‘anything in the world’ because it is you!

Mark my philosophy, it will help. If not, well, poop it is!

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I have been reading the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. From 12th page I have picked the sentence: “The only completely stationary object in the room was an enormous couch on which two young women were buoyed up as though upon an anchored balloon”. And from that stationary as my word. I have added a quote using months.

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Li(f)e Principles for the Sake of it!

Question: Define Life
Answer: Life is blah blah blah.

If someone asks you to define ‘life’, ‘love’ or something like that which do not have an easy spill-out-of-the-mouth definition, then start your answer as, “Today, for me life is [whatever fits in there]”. Like for example: “Today, for me, love is my fabulous endure of hating my manager.” You see that right? My love today could be hate for some one. Life is not driven by constant principles. There is life ridden by changing dynamic principles.


Life isn’t certain. We will never know when our colleague or a friend will turn into an insurance agent and all of a sudden becomes a nuisance (positively not talking about people who don’t force to take one). Sometimes too much of association increases the expectations and life just gets weird! Like for say, you don’t like the sunrise anymore!

We can’t stick to a protocol that we will always wake up every single day at 5.00am. We can’t conclude a person has a good character if they regularly wake up at 5.00am. We can’t predict that a student is going to perform well in exams just because they studied till 5.00am. You see, there are no governing success rules! There is some guidance which comes from experience but they are no sticky principles! Just because a principle was successful to one, it does not mean everyone has to carry a paper clip in the pocket.


Reading a good book does not make one good and we don’t stop reading knowing that. No one is good or bad throughout their life.  The pages of the book turn leading to new sentences and chapter. No story stays in a loop. Is it not surprising that even this whole huge earth rotates around its own axis without staying put?

It’s December and one thing that December brings to mind is the resolutions that are made for the better good changes. I really don’t have any known stories who have actually worked on those resolutions without relaxation or mostly they tend to be long lost memories. And all I want to say here is, let every month be like the December. It is really okay to protest over “I don’t know who” made life principles. I guess by now the title of the post makes some sense. If not yet, ‘happiness is the goal ultimatum’.

P.S. I just saw a friend posting a new purchase on Facebook with a tagline, “Finally my dream cums true” and I am just going “o” and “e” over it!

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