The Hair and the Tortoise

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Yes. It was supposed to be Hare. Not hair. Mistakes happen. It’s a character mistake here. But you see that ‘i’ and ‘e’, though single character, bring a lot of changes to the meaning.

But anyways, you know the story right!? The tortoise wins. Then there were  second version stories made up with hare winning or tortoise getting an engineering seat under sports quota etc etc etc. This simple story has a lot of morale in it. Has or had? Ask a software engineer. If you tell him slowly and steadily develop an app then someone else will take away the market before the app is ready for release. A slow plan can make an interesting work obsolete.  The morale of slow and steady does not match or cannot be applied at every context.

Now that is intelligence. That is the change we have evolved to. Not many would understand where exactly to be slow and steady. Don’t read a single book for more than a month for it will lose its essence. If you are delayed in your work only someone else also involved in the work is delaying, then you need to think of a solution for that. Staying idle and watching over the time lapse is not the explanation. Being timely in works we carry out is or could be.

Be quick in shopping. Be a quick learner. Be quick in adapting to new things. Be fast in reaching the deadlines. Take the decision quick. If we keep delaying then things loose the essence. It is just like planning to watch a movie while it is trending and not after ten years down the line. We have a lot ahead to achieve. There are moments to be enjoyed now and they will never come back in the same way.

Be slow and steady with patience. Listen to things carefully and with intent to follow them. Be patient enough to understand the perspectives put forth by others. Be steady when you exercise or do yoga. Be slow and steady while you drive.

Hare and tortoise did run. Tortoise did win. This story might have moral well-tailored to suitable context. When we tell this story to someone, we need to make that we are using the right context. This is a run, the run to prove thyself.

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18 thoughts on “The Hair and the Tortoise

  1. Good to see your post after days. And what a thought provoking post! It all depends upon the situations and contexts. The same learning and morals are not applicable everywhere.

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