Carrie – Book Review

It was absurd for first 70 pages. Being a fan of Stephen King, I did not wanted to give up reading. As I progressed, it turned out to be magical and one of my favorites.


Carrie White is telekinetic. She has powers to lift things with her mind control. The thoughts of the book wondered in my mind for a week after completing it.

Anyone who is into mystery and thriller, this one is a must read!


9 thoughts on “Carrie – Book Review

  1. One of Mr. King’s first books. It gripped me & kept me reading straight thru’.
    I know the beginning of the story is different…..not sure about the cultural implication. I can tell you Prakash that the girl’s change room scene did happen like this in many North American schools. I went thru a similar experience & the girls laughed at me. I can tell you I wished for telekinetic powers in Grade 8!!! 😉
    Great review by the way!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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