On Writing – Book Review


‘On writing’ by Stephen King. If you love to write and looking to get better, this one is a must read. A gem. A must have, to all the aspiring and budding writers.

Part A of the book is his autobiography. The beauty of this part is that while we read about author’s biography, we read about his childhood and writing journey, we also read about admirable writing tips. It’s a hidden treasure of some wonderful writing tips.

Well, Part B, does its duty the best.

Note: This is a scheduled post. More Here.

12 thoughts on “On Writing – Book Review

  1. Always glad to hear about good books. Thanks! Can’t say I have read his books..Not really into.that.genre of books, But one can’t deny that he has been a very successful writer! So I am sure that we can learn from him.

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  2. I have seen King’s book On Writing get many good reviews, which reminds me I want to purchase it–but when you stamp it with the “PH Approved” seal, I KNOW it’s a Must-Read! 🙂

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