Normal Isn’t A Thing!


Call it a pain,
Call it a bother,
Don’t do it the usual way,
Normal isn’t a thing.

The feel good of stand out,
Make it a little unusual,
With a little extra exertion,
Normal isn’t a thing.

Listener could jump away,
Or get lost in the crowd,
Unnoticed in the jumble,
Normal isn’t a thing.

A little divergent thinking,
A little more deliberation,
A little further dedication,
Normal, and still a thing!


27 thoughts on “Normal Isn’t A Thing!

  1. I like the idea that we can change things up. Not be in a ‘rut’ in our lives Prakash!
    I hope all is well with you. Have missed visiting your blog. Purrince Siddhartha sends ~~head rubs~~
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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