Why draw the line?

You aren’t sleepwalking,
World isn’t shaky,
The light hides,
The grass covers,
Convex or concave,

draw line

Boundless we knew,
That’s how we grew.
Kill no hunger,
Stop no wonder,
That said,
Why draw the line?


15 thoughts on “Why draw the line?

  1. This poem is elegant in its restraint, which makes it an effective vehicle for its message of NO restraint. How much more powerful its minimal form than a long, explosive rejection of established meaning would be.
    That message, for me, also confronts (by inference only) the human inevitability of yes: having to kill some hunger at some point. We must and DO draw lines eventually, in the process of developing identity; otherwise, all experience becomes equally valid and, more impossibly, external.
    I read this as an age-specific poem, which captures the exhilarating propulsion of youth at the moment of leaping. It’s beautiful.

    Of course, I may have misread it, perhaps becauseI’m not young. If so, I apologize and hope you disregard my big mouth.

    Thank-you for your fine poem.

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  2. I read the poem a lot like Claire did. I think of all the times I have to ‘draw a line’ lately: with fair weather friends; with Siddhartha Henry being bossy (trust me Burmese cats are the bossiest breed!!); with people in the building I live in. With memories of the past that still haunt me.
    I love your poem….especially the line “Stop no wonder”…that really speaks to me!
    Well done Prakash!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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