We talk Rules and Shapes

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First the rules are formed and then the shape is assigned. This process makes it inevitable that when the shape is seen the rules are involuntary. The rules are anytime identifiable by the shape revealed.

Say for Example:
When we have visible mass of minute liquid droplets, frozen crystals or particles suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of a planetary body, we call the things that adhere to such rules as ‘clouds’.

Now all that said, have you ever seen a water droplet claiming it to be a cloud? Would you take that service?

This is interesting!
Wearing a white coat does not make anyone a doctor. A monkey cannot call itself a gorilla. One has to understand that there are rules. One has to understand and undergo certain transformation to become one. The process is that: first the properties and then the dressing, that how it goes and it must.  It kind of feels funny if the process reverses its order when the shape is first taken and then struggling through entire life to master the rules.

This applies to everything and every tip and toe that we see. Do I call myself a reader and then read books or do I read and then call myself a reader?

I look back at many things and ponder what was the right way and did I do them right! Do I have the right culture?

38 thoughts on “We talk Rules and Shapes

  1. First we learn to write, then we ‘become’ a writer? Unquestionably. But I feel it’s more about the process than culture. Anyway, It’s my personal view. 🙂

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  2. A monkey can’t be a gorilla. That being said when we dress up a particular way we tend to act in same way. When you wear formals and you sit on the same sofa at start of the morning, your feeling and the way you sit and act would be different from sitting in tees and PJ on the same couch on weekend.
    When you look at the same person in casuals, the feeling it generates is different from the same person in an officer’s uniform. You suddenly feel discipline and honour attached to that personality.
    Correct me if I am getting the concept wrong.

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  3. Life was so simple when I just pondered which came first the chicken or the egg. Now I must rethink and ponder the culture…..the chicken culture or the egg culture. Hmm…. you’ve set me to thinking PH!

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  4. Many a times we should do the reverse. First let the structure take its shape and then find out the rules which led that the conclusion.

    I think you have the right culture if your research takes place by finding out the rules after the results. That is what’s happening to journal authors in desperate needs. Oh look I have digressed from the topic!

    However your this very post is quite introspective.

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    • He he.. I can totally understand. I guess the right culture will handle the things well, rule or shape.

      Research, lot can happen. 😛

      Thank you so much for the thoughts.. 🙂


  5. I have a million questions swirling in my head now. Ha, ha! I guess in order to call yourself a reader you must first read at least one book and before you can call yourself an author you must first write one. Also, you are what you were born to be, because a leopard can’t change its spots––right? And it’s always best to be who you are, because no matter how much a banana tries to be an apple it will never come close. 😉 Fun post.

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  6. The beauty of being a writer is that one can break rules to assume different roles 😊.

    On a serious note, yes, I took some time to add ‘writer’ on my social media tags. At what point does one qualify to be a writer?

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