We Never Really Grow Up

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‘Someone’ from the sky who was representation of the positive energy decided to pick a random human being, single out some of his memory threads and see the behavior through the existential journey.

‘Someone’ was caught by a group of people who were having a conversation at a funeral discussing, “He was such a matured soul!” ‘Someone’ had found its subject and started picking out some of the heaviest memory threads from his timeline to monitor his thoughts from random periods of time.


The Thought Threads
During his school days, he used to stand in front of a mirror and converse with himself asking some common question. “Why am I so thin? Why am I not like everyone else, normal? Why am I of so much shy nature? Why does everyone make fun of me at school?” There were no answers. There was a pair of eyes which gestured through tears running down the cheeks.

Walking back to home from the high school he constantly used to have one question in his mind, “What is wrong with me?”

Long past the midnight, strong breeze of freezing air particles and he has packed himself inside a thick blanket. All he thinks about is his lonely college life. He is happy. He talks with minimal people and there is no one to bully.

The degree days has turned to golden days with the perfect blend of smiles and cries. He has learnt to live through all emotions. Some tougher decisions to make but studies have taken the priority. Learnt to live with people and take the comments smilingly.

He has understood that everyone is born with deficiency. Life is about what we celebrate. If we opt to celebrate the negativity, we all are going to crib throughout the life. Instead, if we embrace the talent, no one will care the deficiency. He thinks he is growing up.

He has learnt to solve the problems, one by one, with patience. No matter how hectic is the schedule; he had learnt not to complain.

He has started living a life of his dreams. He has a perfect family because he has his own definition of perfection. His work and personal life gives him a sleep of satisfaction every single day.

He has lived among so many negative people and still thrived and extracted only positive vibes out of them. He knows he will have to stay and dwell with the bad ones and still keep his sanity intact. He thinks he is finally growing up and being mature. Yes. He understands life.

He understands life is to ignore. Why should he care about what people would think if he wears his choice of dress to a function? He has a refined definition of maturity.

He understands that life is going to be with problems. He cannot solve them all.  We solve as much as we can and then carry the rest along. Life is still about waking up with satisfaction every single day.

He learns that we never really grow up! He has understood his mind and heart that, he will never understand it.


The Celebration
That ‘Someone’ was in celebration. The joy was jumping in infinite skies. ‘Someone’ had realized that it was his own funeral.

I have been doing a WordPress course  on ‘Shaping Your Story’. This is as assignment for Week Four: Crafting a Scene. More details can be found HERE.


53 thoughts on “We Never Really Grow Up

  1. This post really made my day, you have expressed so well Prakash . Seriously, our attitude is all that matters, no matter how many times life knock is down , we gotta shine..

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  2. Once again you have written with such clarity & insight!
    It has taken me many many years to accept I am who I am & that there is more positive than negative to me. I look towards my good qualities. I work on the not-so-good ones & I laugh at my mistakes…..
    Thank you for writing this; it is something I have always thought about but could not put into words….
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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  3. It was recently that I was thinking along the same lines. With respect to body shaming, instead of trying to change the world, I thought it would be easier to begin by pumping in some confidence in the minds of the affected/oppressed crowd. Give them strength rather than teach the world to be kind. Nicely written PH. Loved that last part 🙂 A lot!

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  4. This is intriguing and very well written. I was able to grasp the ideas because your writing flowed so well it wasn’t distracting. The idea of continuing consciousness sampling the dialogue of the mortal is very cool.

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  5. Prakash, Prakash, Prakash! Your visit? Such joy! Let’s put some comedy into this deep, deep, deep and well written post. One comment to my benefit, a loop hole!

    “Once you stop learning, you stop growing!”

    Good! Good! Good! At 77–I quit & renounce ALL learning right here and forever. No want to grow any more than already grown! What u think? Am I clever or not? Really, I want to be a ‘kid’ forever! No like grownups! lol lov, thiaBasilia 🙂

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  6. So well written Prakash, enjoyed reading this inspiring story and that is the story of mostly people on this planet. He has chosen each one according to his impressions and he simply watches the game. It is so nice to be determined and a strong person and not give in to the negativity.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌


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