Muse and Pen – Haiku


This Haiku is written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge Number 68 – Muse and Pen. The prompt is to write a haiku on the words Muse and Pen.

story of my life,
a musing; being a muse,
i hold the pen firm.

Syllables Per Line: 5 7 5

Thought: Each of us have a story of our life to say. The musings of our life, being a muse(poet), its always better if we write it on our own without others interference.


9 thoughts on “Muse and Pen – Haiku

  1. Sometimes the chores of daily life become so demanding but whenever a “muser” find any free time, he loves to spend it in writing.
    I like your way of using “muse” and “pen” here 🙂

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