Theory of Life

The title looks like a never ending proposal subject. The more on paper, more is the dispute and lot more remains unsaid. So it’s more of an “Open-Ended Theory”.  The beauty of time is that with ageing, life gives us a new theory which aptly fits for the moment.


I am sure the theory is not only earning money and making a living. It sure is not what I will be tomorrow. Life is not days and nights, emotions, eats and sleeps in between. There is more to it. Here are some such theories:

  • Wait, give time for everything, else it just gets busier
  • At the end of the day, it’s all about happiness
  • It’s all about give and take
  • It’s all about creating the way you want to see
  • Randomness at its best
  • The people around me
  • Above all, there is love

Do you have a definition for ‘theory of life?’.  I would be happy to read!

16 thoughts on “Theory of Life

  1. It’s all about letting the things happen the way the are and the way they want… All u need to do is match up with the rythm and flow along happly. 😊

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  2. True that.. And I couldn’t agree more with the first one.
    I think Living in the present and cultivating the habit of ‘doing it now’ is what will enable us to live our life to the fullest, otherwise it will only get busier for the stuff we really want to do 🙂

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