Li(f)e Principles for the Sake of it!

Question: Define Life
Answer: Life is blah blah blah.

If someone asks you to define ‘life’, ‘love’ or something like that which do not have an easy spill-out-of-the-mouth definition, then start your answer as, “Today, for me life is [whatever fits in there]”. Like for example: “Today, for me, love is my fabulous endure of hating my manager.” You see that right? My love today could be hate for some one. Life is not driven by constant principles. There is life ridden by changing dynamic principles.


Life isn’t certain. We will never know when our colleague or a friend will turn into an insurance agent and all of a sudden becomes a nuisance (positively not talking about people who don’t force to take one). Sometimes too much of association increases the expectations and life just gets weird! Like for say, you don’t like the sunrise anymore!

We can’t stick to a protocol that we will always wake up every single day at 5.00am. We can’t conclude a person has a good character if they regularly wake up at 5.00am. We can’t predict that a student is going to perform well in exams just because they studied till 5.00am. You see, there are no governing success rules! There is some guidance which comes from experience but they are no sticky principles! Just because a principle was successful to one, it does not mean everyone has to carry a paper clip in the pocket.


Reading a good book does not make one good and we don’t stop reading knowing that. No one is good or bad throughout their life.  The pages of the book turn leading to new sentences and chapter. No story stays in a loop. Is it not surprising that even this whole huge earth rotates around its own axis without staying put?

It’s December and one thing that December brings to mind is the resolutions that are made for the better good changes. I really don’t have any known stories who have actually worked on those resolutions without relaxation or mostly they tend to be long lost memories. And all I want to say here is, let every month be like the December. It is really okay to protest over “I don’t know who” made life principles. I guess by now the title of the post makes some sense. If not yet, ‘happiness is the goal ultimatum’.

P.S. I just saw a friend posting a new purchase on Facebook with a tagline, “Finally my dream cums true” and I am just going “o” and “e” over it!

Writing: Shaping Your Story – Week one: What’s Your Angle

The Story of a Story

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This Limerick is written for Limerick Challenge Week 47: Tell Me a Story. The challenge is to write a limerick to tell a story about anyone, about anything. I have opted to tell a story of a story.


Fiction, real, illustrations I send,
Plots, incidents, literature’s blend,
Listen or read,
Generations breed,
Some of me just never end.

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Lemon’s Story

Three Line Tales, is an exciting challenge put forth by Only 100 Words. The Challenge is to write a three line tale for the supplied image.  Here is my take for the fifteenth edition of the challenge.


Some lemons will go into dishwasher, some into toothpaste, some into chemicals, some into medicines and some into lemonade.

Every lemon has a story.

So do we!


The little’s

This Post is written for the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. The challenge has 10 tasks and this is the seventh one.

IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge is a challenge where we are supposed to pick a newspaper article and discuss over it.  (Check the link for more)


Here goes my prompt:

news-paper article

Article from July, 2000

For this challenge I have picked up my first published story in newspaper. This was very long ago. Sixteen years ago, I had my first earnings of 50 Re for the story published. It was a local Kannada newspaper which used to publish a special edition for kids every Saturday called ‘Putani Vijaya’. 

The story was simple: the worker who picks up the call while at owners absence, makes the other party wait for many minutes claiming to bring pen paper etc things. After the long wait he final tells him that he does not know how to write!

I still laugh at myself for this silly story which I had scribbled while I was in my high school. However, still a sweet memory!

Feel free to take up the challenge if interested.

Muse and Pen – Haiku


This Haiku is written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge Number 68 – Muse and Pen. The prompt is to write a haiku on the words Muse and Pen.

story of my life,
a musing; being a muse,
i hold the pen firm.

Syllables Per Line: 5 7 5

Thought: Each of us have a story of our life to say. The musings of our life, being a muse(poet), its always better if we write it on our own without others interference.

I Don’t Know


Short story “I Don’t Know” is written for the Mondays Finish the Story Challenge – May 04, 2015The task is, given the image and starting line, complete the story in 100 to 150 words.


After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart! She clearly did not know what she did not know. She had assumed that she would know it. She did not even know what she had known and what she had not known. She was in a fix. The knowns and unknowns were messing up with time. She had to decide fast. She knew that she would fix them the way they were in the beginning. But clearly, she wasn’t. It was new.

The little girl clearly did not know how to fix her baby toy after giving it a thorough bath. Then putting everything to an end she shouted,

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The Trail


Story “The Trail” is written for the Mondays Finish the Story Challenge – April 20, 2015The task is, given the image and starting line, complete the story in 100 to 150 words.


They followed the buffaloes and their babies along the trail heading into the woods. They looked needy. They seemed that no forces could impede them today. They are going to make it. They wanted buffaloes and their babies to make themselves home. They were ferocious. All they wanted was space and the right time. The sun was about to set and the breeze had quadrupled. It looked like lighter things are soon going to fly away and rain is going to drown the remaining. But they, they were careful. They knew it was coming. More importantly, they were thousands in number.

The buffaloes and babies had settled. They made the attack and started crawling all over the buffaloes and babies. They made themselves home, under the thick fur, to protect oneself from extreme breeze and thunder.

They, ants, had finally found a place for survival from extreme weather conditions.

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