Success, What’s That?


How is the magnitude measured? Is there a direction?  Does it have a single look-for definition? Is otherwise everything a failure? Is it related to individual? Does this accomplishment bring its own consequences? Let them remain the questions. Some questions are good if they remain unanswered.

‘He was successful in conveying the message’
‘The scheme was successful’
‘The event was a success’
‘She succeed in the business’
‘It was a successful marriage’
‘The satellite launch was a success’
‘His life was a success’

Do you see the degree in each of the cases above?

Take the scenario below, there could be a different individual at each level:

‘He auditioned for the movie’
‘He got a lead role in the movie’
‘Movie saw a successful 100 days’
‘The actor was nominated for the Award’
‘He won the award’

There is success at each level. One looks for and finds happiness no matter where it stops. All that one needs to do is to agree and accept that there is no explanation for success and it’s ultimately the happiness and content. Well, that comes with maturity. Peace.

Happiness is

This Post is written for the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. The challenge has 10 tasks and this is the tenth one.

IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge is a challenge where we are supposed to complete the phrase ‘Happiness is …’. (Check the link for more)


Here goes my prompt:

You know how at times we thrash out and say ‘I don’t care’ at outset and still cry inside? We behave as if nothing mattered and everything was a passing cloud but we exactly know it isn’t. We know that though we show it all easy, every step of overcoming it is going to be too difficult.  

It all goes on and we are back to happy mode. But life isn’t that easy. There comes yet another situation which marks in deep and we are yet to behave ‘cool’ taking things easy.  Life is that cycle of happiness and not so happiness. Yeah! Like ‘I care’. I know. No matter what, we will move on.

Then there comes a time where we say ‘I don’t care’ and actually mean it! There are critics everywhere of all sorts. We know amidst everyone we care, we are still independent emotionally and mentally. We understand that we are responsible for our acts and it affects us in many ways. Yeah! I understand and know it all and I really don’t care!

Well, that is maturity and Happiness is Maturity. It is to know when to act matured and when not to. A lot has been explored and lot yet remains as a query when asked ‘what is maturity?’ May be the definition and understanding of maturity is not matured yet. But still, it’s happiness.

Feel free to take up the challenge if interested.