Success, What’s That?


How is the magnitude measured? Is there a direction?  Does it have a single look-for definition? Is otherwise everything a failure? Is it related to individual? Does this accomplishment bring its own consequences? Let them remain the questions. Some questions are good if they remain unanswered.

‘He was successful in conveying the message’
‘The scheme was successful’
‘The event was a success’
‘She succeed in the business’
‘It was a successful marriage’
‘The satellite launch was a success’
‘His life was a success’

Do you see the degree in each of the cases above?

Take the scenario below, there could be a different individual at each level:

‘He auditioned for the movie’
‘He got a lead role in the movie’
‘Movie saw a successful 100 days’
‘The actor was nominated for the Award’
‘He won the award’

There is success at each level. One looks for and finds happiness no matter where it stops. All that one needs to do is to agree and accept that there is no explanation for success and it’s ultimately the happiness and content. Well, that comes with maturity. Peace.

25 thoughts on “Success, What’s That?

  1. Really success is not measurable…really success in life is when we succeed in making that every person smile who love us and having those people by side at the end of our life whom we love…

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  2. I agree with you, success is one of those danged subjective concepts. What’s success to one person could be complete failure to another.

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  3. ‘It’s ultimately the happiness and content’ – couldn’t agree more.
    Success and its life is temporary – one should take in the positivity associated with and move on towards the next goal.


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  4. Its all in the head and what the goal is or else measuring the degree of success is difficult…unique post…I read your poems and then such posts and I want to get into your mind to know how you churn these 🙂

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  5. There is a success at each level which is different for each person. The nuances are so subtle and so unexpected – what clicks for one may seem like a fall for another. Great post.

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